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Liberals For Delgaudio?

June 27, 2003

Where in the world is Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling).

I was asked by a newspaper reporter what was I doing Thursday. So I told him. Now, to be fair to the other members of the media, they need to know what he found out-- from me. (for that quote, go to "Yesterday, Thursday")

Later, it occurred to me I need to sometimes get into the detail of today or yesterday. Or tomorrow. With you.

When it is an emergency or an urgent event, I give you the details as I get it.

Most people (3,500) who receive these updates know that I am one elected official who keeps you posted on my whereabouts.

Some of you are new-comers who only recently learned that a conservative pro-family elected official cares enough about being accountable to you and of service to you. Welcome all newcomers.

I provide a listing of events or commentaries.

Here's my general routine.

Supervisor Delgaudio has weekly community meetings at 10 a.m. at Jimmy Gs Restaurant under the Clocktower. Coffee and a bagel are provided.

Supervisor Delgaudio visits with hundreds of citizens every week at yard sales, holiday and important civic ceremonies, Boy Scouts Courts of Honor, sports events, door to door, on the phone and on the internet.

And I alert you to meetings or hearings taking place.

Tell me of an event to promote and you may have me there and some other Sterling residents too, if you wish.

Today, Friday, June 27:

Along with Supervisors Towe, Burton, Herring and Chairman York, Delgaudio spent the morning with Judge Thomas Horne and his young associates in the Leadership in the Law Summer Camp in the Leesburg Courthouse, as a juror in a mock trial. The trial involved a dozen volunteers playing certain roles and the jury deliberations.

Yesterday, Thursday, June 26:

I was honored that a reporter would actually ask me where I was Thursday morning. I told him:

James Williams, the chairman of the Affordable Shelter Political Action Committee (ASPAC) hosted me, Republicans Geary Higgins, Mick Staton, and Democrats Chuck Harris, John Murphy and Kelly Burke at a campaign training seminar. I felt strange to be in this company because we are in opposite parties. Democrats Delegate Bob Hull and Senator Janet Howell, and Republican Supervisor Michael Frey, all from Fairfax, along with other candidates were trained by political specialists on the techniques and methods of successful management.

This strange alliance of liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans makes the point that I "work" with all parties especially ironic. Don't worry, I do not think liberal Chuck Harris wants to see me re-elected. But for at least yesterday, he was part of a group that wants me re-elected. Which is very funny. And even funnier, he can say the same about me.

So members of the news media have all now been informed and it seems there will always be a surprise in store for me each day in public office.

TOMORROW: Saturday, June 28, 2003

At 10 a.m., please join me for coffee and bagels at Jimmy Gs Restaurant. If you have a concern, tell me about it. If you want to work to get me re-elected, take an assigement. If you want to just see what's going on, that is okay with me.

This whole business revolves around your deciding if you are going to make a difference in your community.

Many of you have decided to pitch in and get involved in either the civic end or the political end. Thank you for that.

These email messages and my open schedule can not be as effective if you don't feel you can make that difference.

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