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July 17, 2006

>>>The Finest vanquishes The Bravest;
>>>Board of Supervisors trounces School Board

In the first ever game of flag football between the Loudoun County
Sheriff's Deputies and Loudoun County Fire and Rescue - The Finest vs
The Bravest - the sheriff's department came out ahead with a score of
37-6. The game played to a crowd of several hundred people at Park View
High School. The game was played to raise awareness for Discovery Park,
the new science playground to be built in the fall at Sully Elementary

The half-time started with a check presentation of $7000 from Bill May
of Miller and Smith, bringing the total amount raised so far for
Discovery Park to $105,000.

The Board of Supervisors then took on the School Board in a first-ever
Tug-of-War. Playing for the School Board were Warren Geurin, Robert
Dupree, John Andrews, and Tom Reed.
Playing for the Board of Supervisors were Eugene Delgaudio, Stephen
Snow, Mick Staton, and to even things out, former supervisor and current
senator Mark Herring. Sheriff Steve Simpson officiated this close
match, but the Board of Supervisors came out ahead.

The Sully PTO issued a statement "We'd like to thank everyone that came
out to support us on this hot day. Particularly the players, the
members of the Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad, the Sheriff's K-9 squad,
the Board of Supervisors and School Board members, who were great sports
and took the Tug-of-War quite seriously; Paul Draisy, who was the
announcer for the entire event, Bill May of Miller & Smith, Sky Dantinne
and the Sterling Community Center, the Sterling Advisory Board, Park
View HS football coach Andy Hill and his varsity players, Athletic
Director Joe Breinig, Principal Dr Virginia Minshew, the Patriots
Booster Club, the Girl Scouts, Senator Mark Herring, and all the members
of the community who came out to watch the game and who will help us
build Discovery Park in October." Unquote.

Discovery Park has already raised $105,000 of the $135,000 required.
Although financial contributions are still needed, it is also important
that Sully PTO needs volunteers to help them build the park. You can
sign up at

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