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Delgaudio Responds To Shooting

July 22, 2006


I am responding to the shooting incidents in Sterling by visiting the
neighborhoods and meeting with citizens every day since Tuesday and
reporting on meetings with county officials, the sheriff and Congressman
Frank Wolf.

A letter under my signature has been prepared in response to citizens'
requests and discusses the $1,000 crimesolvers award and offers a
separate reward of $5,000 for information leading to an arrest on the
shooting incidents.

I am handing this letter out to houses in the next 7 to 10 days and
could use some help getting them around.

I could use some help to take some streets or neighborhoods and you can
send the letter by email to you to print out or to foreword to your own
email list.

I recommend you can copy and paste the letter or forward as convenient.

Tell me the names of the streets you are delivering in order to avoid

Or you could join me when I am going out and we can walk together.

Let me know. Tell me "Send me the Shooting letter, I will forward it on" or
"Send me the Shooting letter, I will deliver to the houses on the
following streets (names) by (day of week). Thank you.

>>>Translator Removes Language Barrier
>>>Deputies Call Translator to Communicate

One full time translator for the 3 per cent of Loudoun residents who
speak poor or no English. The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, in
conjunction with an Alexandria based teaching organization, offers
deputies a 12 week beginner's Spanish class and a 12 week advanced
Spanish class. For more information:

Good news. The local newspapers are full of photos and reports this week
on the great game last Sunday. And photos have been posted (my own
website might get them too) ON LINE.

Front page photo online of charity Football game in 100 degree heat.

Front Page photo online Eugene In Tug Of War

Story on line about football game

Hundreds of Color Photos of the Finest Vs. the Bravest Game of the Year

Photos Of the $7,000 Gift To Sully PTO

24 Photos of the Supervisor Vs. School Board Tug Of War (Sups Win)


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