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I Vote To Support Troops

March 18, 2003

At our meeting of the Board of Supervisors we had young people all day for "Youth In Government" Day.

Each of them were assigned to a department head or Supervisor. They saw first hand what I have to deal with and it is sometimes not pretty. It can be ugly. And sad.

Summary of the U.S. Troops Resolution

A resolution of support for U.S. Troops was introduced by Supervisor Delgaudio.

Several speeches against U.S. policy under President Bush were made. In a non-partisan gesture, there was immediate acceptance of several changes to the resolution.

Nevertheless, Supervisor Chuck Harris made a non-debatable motion to table the resolution in support of the troops. Supervisors Harris, Herring, Towe, Burton, Kurtz and Bogard voted "yes" to table and Chairman York, Supervisors Delgaudio and Hiatt voted "no". The motion to table carried 6 yes, 3 no.


Thomas Logan of Sterling wrote me and asked me to introduce a Resolution in Support of the Armed Forces of the United States. I brought it up at the Board Meeting.

I said, as a Republican I have my own views about President Bush. I have been active since age 9 and have strong conservative opinions still at age 47. But political opinions are not the option for men and women from Sterling and throughout Loudoun County right now, I said.

Troops Honor Orders from "Clinton" or "Bush"

I said "Whether it is President William Jefferson Clinton or President George W. Bush, when the Armed Forces are ordered to action, we should support the troops."

I did not add anything to Mr. Logan's Resolution. I introduced it as he requested.

Tom Logan wrote "I am a resident of Sterling, (and)

I would like to suggest some wording for a possible resolution by the Loudoun County Supervisors in support of our American troops (some of whom hail from our area) who are presently serving in the Middle East theatre of operations....." and citizen Logan suggested the following:


WHEREAS, The President of the United States has activated and deployed numerous men and women of the Armed Forces from Loudoun County, Virginia to assignments and missions related to the ongoing global war on terror and the current crisis in Iraq; and,

WHEREAS, The citizens of Loudoun County deserve high praise for their zeal and patriotism in answering their nation's call to duty."

Struck Out At Request of Sup. Harris

(Struck out, see below) whenever the cause of Freedom and Justice is threatened by foreign tyrants and aggressors; and,

(Struck out, see below) WHEREAS, The uniformed men and women of our community are once again called upon to offer their utmost devotion in the defense of their country and to bring peace to a troubled corner of the Earth.

(This section left alone in the Tabled Resolution)


Section 1: It wholeheartedly supports and appreciates the brave men and women of Loudoun County, Virginia serving in the United States Military, and wishes them Godspeed in their dangerous missions and a safe return from harm's way. "


Supervisor Harris moved to strike the section referring to Tyrants and aggressors and Patriotism.

In the spirit of non-partisanship, and wishing for a unanimous vote, I accepted it as a friendly amendment.

Supervisor James Burton then spoke and said he did not want to vote on this and was uncomfortable voting on this "this afternoon".

Burton said "It sickens me debate has been so shallow up to this point"

Harris said "The debate has been lacking. This is a Bush-Cheney war. War is a failure of diplomacy. Tjhis is a failure of diplomacy. " Harris referred to his military service and that he was prepared to push a button firing a nuclear missile" if certain conditions existed"

I recall his referrence to Ohio State and whether or not he would shoot Americans if ordered to do so.

Here we have now gone full circle with Supervisor Harris. On another occassion, he has said he would not know if he would shoot Americans. Now he says "if certain conditions exist" he would push a button (both situtations were in military service) if ordered to do so. While moving to table a resolution of support for our Armed Forces.


Both Burton and Harris spoke forcefully in the same vein as the Democratic Minority Leader Tom Dashle spoke yesterday.

Chuck Muth wrote me and said "If there is a more petty, bitter little man in American politics today than Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, South Dakota Democrat, I'd love to know who it is."

Here's what Daschle said: "I'm saddened, saddened that this president failed so miserably at diplomacy that we're now forced to war," he said on Monday at a news conference. "Saddened that we have to give up one life because this president couldn't create the kind of diplomatic effort that was so critical for our country."

Resolution Will Be Back?

Please consider asking the Board to reconsider its 6 yes to 3 not vote to table this resolution at their next meeting. Please be respectful. I do not and have not said "Being Republican Is Patriotic", as Harris has charged me with.

I am patriotic. I am Republican. The two are separate. But I still do not know what this has to do with SUPPORTING THE TROOPS WHO MUST TAKE ORDERS.

Please write and visit for what can only be described as a disheartening report.

And write to express your viewpoint after you read his story if you have time.

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