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May 27, 2006


The grass is now cut like a "crew-cut" real close on Sterling Boulevard.
It looks great compared to the way it was. Congratulations to the
Sterling Foundation and Wye Creek, Inc., the contractor.

>>>CEREMONY MONDAY Correction: 11 a.m.

The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars will return to the
Memorial for a ceremony at 11 A.M. (not noon) on Monday for the Memorial
Day holiday.

Be respectful and attend if you can. Thanks again to the VDOT and county
workers who moved the "misplaced" traffic signal out of the memorial
area in time for this holiday. Watch out for traffic tie-ups on Monday
at Holly and Sterling Blvd.

Veterans will be in Sterling this weekend handing out Buddy Poppies with
the VFW. Here is a link explaining Buddy Poppies if you are interested

Look for, and THANK, veterans at the following locations:
Wal-Mart, Giant (Cascades and Town Center) Safeway (Sterling Park and

>>> LIVE Memorial Day Concert, Monday 8 p.m.

Each year, the National Memorial Day Concert-- on the Mall-- presents a
unique program honoring the valor and patriotism of Americans who have
served our country in times of conflict. This website explains all the
details of the concert. The concert is broadcast over PBS stations on TV
and radio.

Click to hear tap by a soldier

Click to hear the song "Over There" Music and along with the lyrics and
history of the song by George M. Cohan

The White House Commission on Remembrance has a list of songs that you
can download for free including "On This Day" sung by various artists
and Bands. Under their Moment of Remembrance "download", there are
several videos and taps renditions.

>>> Re/Max agents ride for veterans

Joe Kurnos and Tom Donegan decided to do something useful for the
thousands of servicemen and women who have come home alive but wounded
from Iraq and Afghanistan - raise money.

>>>FREE VIDEO: "Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint".

In front of the U.S. Capitol and of the U.S. Supreme Court groups of
volunteers do the job that needs to be done: looking for Kennedy
drivers. And traffic and citizens cooperate.

Special free video footage of the "Kennedy Sobriety Checkpoint" are now
posted at


Please deposit your newspapers in the red SP Recycling container and
magazines in the pair of dark green SP containers at the recycling
center by Park View HS. It directly benefits Sterling Park. Proceeds
from these recycled newspapers and magazines are used exclusively to
fund the contract for mowing Sterling Boulevard.


So why is the GSA, a charity for Loudoun County's homeless, helping GI's
in a faraway place? The answer is straightforward. Good Shepard
Alliance perceives their mission as reaching out to those away from
home, who are as scared, uncertain and lonely as Northern Virginia's own
homeless. Thanks to the generous donations of upscale readers, there
are an abundance of quality literature, and books that take a piece of
home to those young men and women overseas. The need, though, is
overwhelming. Call Mary Fittro at 703-444-5956 or email now to donate some quality books "for
the GIs".

>>>Virginia Recognizes Joy Trickett of the Good Shepard Alliance.

Joy Trickett of Herndon received a commendation from this year's General
Assembly for her work to help to alleviate homelessness and poverty in
Northern Virginia. Ms. Trickett received the award from State Del
Thomas Davis Rust (R-86th) at the Herndon Town Hall on Eldon Street.

>>>June 1st Deadline: Your Property Tax Assess. Appeal to BD. OF

•Taxes in Loudoun County are out of control, making life unaffordable.

•Average assessments for many Sterling residents increased in 2006 by 46

• Average tax bills for many Sterling residents increased in 2006 by 10
percent even after the Board reduced the rate 15 cents from $1.04 to 89


For property owners who feel that their real property tax assessment is
unfair, Virginia law provides a procedure to appeal that assessment to a
board of equalization. The board is composed of county citizens and who
are not Loudoun County employees.

The board is independent of Financial Services and the Assessor's Office
and its members are appointed by the Circuit Court. The board has the
authority to decrease (or increase) individual real property assessments
in order to attain uniformity in assessments and equal distribution of
the county's tax burden.

If you wish to file an appeal with the Board of Equalization, obtain and
then fill out the Appeal of Real Estate Assessment form. First download
from this ONLINE link.

The form must be completed, signed, and postmarked or hand-delivered
to Financial Services by no later than Thursday, June 1. Please note
that the owner's original signature must appear on the form and that it
cannot be submitted by fax or e-mail.

You can check comparative properties on websites like A
discussion at or
checkCLoudoun County Real Estate Information Site at

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