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January 26, 2003


There was just enough snow this afternoon to walk around in but not enough to shovel or accumulate. A white dusting and a nice blessing from God on the Holy Day. (Hear that Supervisor Harris?)

Regarding the budget, and other serious topics, see below, but first steal yourself with a laugh by viewing "Delgaudio Rides Wild Bull" Photo on the home page website: http://EUGENE2003.COM/

( Warning: The following is a serious topic)


A person who robbed the Sterling High Up Grocery store was apprehended, tried, found guilty and sentenced to Fifty- seven (57) years in prison for his crimes. Thats okay with me.

The people who wrote graffiti on Sterling Boulevard should get the strongest penalty possible also, if caught. The graffiti will be washed and cleaned in the next few days by a VDOT crew. In the meantime, please report any suspicious activity to the authorities and keep note of physical attributes (make of car and color and type of clothing worn).


Please consider attending the monthly meeting of the Republican Committee in the Board of Supervisors meeting room at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, January 27, 2003. I could write a report several pages long or talk on the phone with you for hours telling you about it.

It would be better for you to go to the meeting and see and hear for yourself. The liberal forces that dominate our local county board of supervisors are fearful that too many people may attend. You hear their bleating and screaming condemnations of the Republican Committee almost daily.

Contrary to the "horrible" torture you hear from liberals, there is a constant melody as Republican leaders and conservatives of all stripes sing of their resolve.


Primaries and firehouse primaries mean Democrats flood the Republican nominating procedures. Conventions result in conservative Governor and now conservative Senator George Allen or Governor Gilmore or (ever hear about this one?) Senator John Warner and Congressman Tom Davis. That's right, even "moderate" Republicans can be nominated and elected at conventions.

You will not see that printed or reported by the liberals until after the election when they report "REPUBLICANS TAKE BACK BOARD OF SUPERVISORS".


If you can come, you can sit with me in the Sterling American section. And enjoy the unity and spotlight of conservative leadership without apology. Sterling is filled with devoted and principled men and women who make the sacrifice of giving up the fourth Monday of the month by attending the Republican Committee meeting.

I will be in Leesburg early, in the Lovettsville Room, a smaller room right next door to the larger Board room, attending a Board of Supervisors committee meeting at 5:30 p.m., so I will be on time for the Republican Meeting!


The county budget will be presented Monday, February 3rd at 1:30 p.m. by county administrator Kirby Bower.

There are some "decreases in the rate of increase" planned. Yes, the county adminsitrator is actually proposing not to spend money on some things that your Sterling Supervisors voted NO on last year!

But mostly the new 2004 Budget is cover for a large budget and TAX INCREASE, again, for the fourth year of my 4 year term.

It will definitely include a proposed tax rate increase.


I will oppose any tax increase based on actual rate rate increase or increased assessments.

For the past 3 budget cycles, $200 million in increased assessments have been squandered by a board majority intent on ignoring the pleas of the innocent taxpayer being scalded by these boiling hot budget servings.

According to the public agenda, the same day the board will vote to spend millions more on "purchase of development rights". The board voted 7 to 2 to spend millions on pdrs and that money IS GONE. Now they are throwing some more money into the wind.

The millions are going to non-farming rich people who love being given money for sitting pretty and signing some papers. The public is told "this will protect the land from greedy developers."

Which means density packing in Eastern Loudoun and higher taxes to pay these already rich people more money.

I will write again with some more details as soon as I know them.

Transportation Committee Topics

The Board of Supervisors Transportation committee will be taking up the topic of Holly Avenue and Church Road where there is some serious congestion problems. I am proposing a community meeting to discuss the various proposals and will ask for staff to set aside some time in the near future for that. As a result of my talking to constituents at a VDOT public hearing last Thursday on the topic of the widening of Potomac View Road, I will propose that the Board act on approving it (funding is in the bank) at the earliest time.

I am open to other opinions or issues. I appreciate hearing from many of you.

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