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April 4, 2006

I got home late at about 12 midnight.

The board voted late Tuesday night for an 89 cent property tax rate. The
vote was 5 yes, 4 no. I voted "no" along with Supervisors Staton,
Waters and Chairman York. Voting "yes" were Supervisors Clem, Tulloch,
Burton, Kurtz and Snow.

The first motion to approve the budget at 89 cents was defeated but Jim
Burton offered to change his vote if 500,000 dollars was added to fill
vacant county staff positions. 4 other supervisors agreed and the 89
cent rate was approved.

Although this is a drop from $1.04 to 89 cents, I was working for a
lower rate and many millions of dollars in expenditures were added
tonight that I could not support.

Thank you for all your hard work and effort in attempting to convince a
majority of supervisors to lower the rate to 82 cents, the equalized rate.

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