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Secret Tax Increase Meeting?

April 7, 2006

I have worked hard to be your supervisor and have seen some strange
things and wonderful things. I have never heard of as strange a thing as
holding an emergency meeting to raise taxes.

Late today I was notified of an "emergency meeting". I can not make the
meeting due to a prior committment.

I do not believe today's call is an "emergency" of any kind. I got a
statement from Mick Staton and he agrees with me and I publish it here
in its entirety.

Following the law and not leaving the public out of the deliberations is
number one and number two in my book and Mick Staton is objecting on
those grounds.

When told of this emergency meeting, I felt that there was something
pecular and odd. This is a developing matter and will keep you informed.

Eugene Delgaudio
Sterling District

Statement from Mick Staton, Sugarland Run Supervisor April 7


Certain members of the Board of Supervisors are trying to hold a secret,
illegal meeting tomorrow morning in order to raise your taxes even higher!!!

On Tuesday, April 4th, the Board voted for a tax rate of $0.89 cents per
$100 of assessed value. While this represents a significant reduction
in the tax rate, and is far better for the taxpayers than things could
have been had not members like Eugene Delgaudio, Lori Waters, and
myself, fought for lower and lower spending, I could not vote for this
rate because I believe we could have done much better to ease the tax
burden on Loudoun's families.

Now some members are not happy with the $0.89 cent tax rate they
previously supported, and are looking to raise it even higher!! They
have called an emergency meeting for tomorrow at 9:00 AM. Yes, that's
correct; they want to meet on Saturday Morning to increase your taxes
even higher.

They are not properly notifying the public about this meeting.

They have not even properly notified all members of the Board of

This is a shocking display of indifference for the public, and even for
their fellow Board Members.

In order to call an emergency meeting without properly notifying the
public, there must truly be an emergency. But is raising taxes really
an emergency???

Not according to Roger Zurn, who says that he doesn't need an official
tax rate set until Friday April 14th which leaves the Board plenty of
time to give proper legal notice of a special meeting next week, and
giving you, the public, the chance to know about their desire to
increase taxes yet again.

As the Sugarland Run District Member of the Board of Supervisors, I
OBJECT to the attempt to call this illegal meeting!

I have not been properly notified of this meeting.

I will not attend this illegal meeting.

I will protest and challenge any action taken at such an illegal meeting
if they go through with this.

I will keep you informed of any further developments on this subject.

End of Statement from Mick Staton, Sugarland Run Supervisor April 7

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