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Happy Easter Monday

April 17, 2006


Next Tuesday, April 18, from 7 to 9 p.m. there will be a public
awareness discussion about neighborhood overcrowding at the Sterling
Ruritan Club. It is sponsored by a citizens group working with me for
several months. A county staff representative from the Loudoun County
zoning enforcement office will explain the new ordinances on the
building code and how the county can attempt to correct overcrowding in

This staff person will discuss how to recognize, report and enforce
varous quality of life ordinances. If the regular meeting of the board
of supervisors ends, I will be in attendence. You should go if you are
interested in controlling overcrowding.

Directions to the Ruritan Club: From Sterling Park, go down Church Road,
make a right turn onto Ruritan Road (before Route 28) and follow to the
Ruritan club at the end of the road on the left.

>>> Vets Get Quick Action and New Traffic Light Timing

You might have seen me on the Street on Good Friday working with
veterans at the memorial. The vets asked me to assemble county and state
officials to re-arrange the accidental placement of a walk signal in the
walk path of the memorial. It was all smoothed over and with some big
assists from everybody, the memorial will be restored in time for
Memorial Day.

As many of you know, there is a new traffic light with a dedicated turn
signal at Sterling Blvd. and Holly Avenue. It is a very long wait.
Responding to this concern, county and state traffic staff promise to
fix the timing and add more time for cross traffic in the cycles.


Thank you to LCSA, VDOT, Tetra shopping Mall management, Combined
Properties, and the Gelman Company for filling in pot holes and patching
dozens of areas that really needed it.

Over 100 places were cited in a pot hole audit that I conducted.

Gelman reported: "we filled in those areas that have 1/2" or 3/4"
asphalt layer missing.
The graffiti on the stop sign has been covered up." Everybody responded
in several weeks.

There are more potholes poping up and we need to have them reported. Let
me know.

>>> Tribute to LINK Leader

Roberta Bruckschen, a dear friend to all of LINK and our Sterling
community, passed away early Saturday morning at her home in Sterling.
Please keep her family in your prayer as they work through this great loss.

Bruckschen, who was retired, served as the food pantry coordinator
year-round, putting in an average of two to three hours a day until the
holiday season, when she worked about eight hours a day.

Bruckschen made sure the pantry was staffed with volunteers - two people
to rotate answering the phones every two weeks and four people to load
up boxes of food for delivering to needy families in Ashburn, Sterling
and Herndon 52 weeks a year. She found at least one person to pick up
food from the Sterling Park Safeway four days a week to deliver to the
pantry, the homeless shelters in Loudoun and Fairfax counties and a
subsidized housing unit in Sterling Park. Bruckschen helped feed thousands.


Several recent donations have been made in support of Discovery Park,
the new Science Park & Playground to be built at Sully Elementary School
in October 2006.

Flooring Solutions, Inc, in Sterling is supporting the Rain Wheel in the
amount of $500. Middleburg Bank in Ashburn donated $200 to sponsor the
Trustworthiness Pillar of Character.

Bill Hough of Chantilly Crushed Stone generously donated $6000 to
sponsor both the Gazebo and Fort Discovery. In addition, Chantilly
Crushed Stone also bought a total of 15 pickets for $420.

Scott Plein of Equinox Investments is supporting the 4 Animal Habitats
for a total of $2400, a substantial gift. Mr. Plein has also supported
the Sterling Blvd. improvements.

Chantilly Turf Farms donated $200 and Dr. Edgar Hatrick, Superintendent
of Loudoun County Public Schools sent $100.

These donations along with the money raised in the recent Walk-A-Thon
and Cowpie Bingo bring the current total raised for Discovery Park to
almost $75,000. A total of $130,000 is need for the project, which is
scheduled to be built in the fall.

Greenvest and Dominion Power are considering proposals to support the

>>>>>> Sterling Boulevard Litter Pickup, Saturday, April 22

Can you spare an hour between 9 AM to Noon. Volunteers needed. Meet at
Park View Recycling Center (400 W. Laurel Ave.) to receive orange bags,
safety vests, instructions and directions. Please bring gloves.

For more information contact Kevin Chroninger of the Sterling
Foundation: 703-406-7749 or visit

>>> Supervisor And Citizens in Same Boat

A third of the current Board of supervisor members continue to discuss
proper notice of meetings. Tomorrow I will ask the "clerk" of the county
board, Kirby Bowers (he is also the county administrator) to inform me
and citizens of meetings with 3 days notice.

I have asked that my name be added to the list of names of people
requesting electronic (email) notice of meetings 3 days in advance as
provided by law. Any citizen can ask for this notice. This is the kind
of simple law abiding that any citizen can see for him or herself and
watch for. Tell Kirby Bowers "Under the FOIA law, I would like to
receive electronic notice of meetings". Mr. Bower's email is

That's the procedure required under the Freedom of Information Law in
Virginia. This might not change anything, but at least those of you who
want to, can see for yourself
if you get notice of special meetings of the board of supervisors.

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