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January 5, 2003

SNOW is falling, conditions are extremely bad on the road.

Starting at 1:00 p.m., today, I have seen the many accidents on the road and if you do not need to go out, please do not go out.

This is a sudden heavy snowfall and is continuing. There is also ice and slush and many drivers are sliding or skidding all over the road.

I am hearing reports that these conditions exist all over Loudoun and the region AND ON ALL ROADS.

Keep your radio on and spend time clearing your walk as the temperature will be dropping this afternoon and evening. This will prevent further trouble later.


If anyone, for any reason, needs a walk to be shoveled, please call me at home 703-421-4599. If you know of someone who needs it, let me know. I will try to do it myself or at least ask someone to help out.

If you need an errand to be run, tell me and I will try to get a four wheel vehicle to take you out.


If you can volunteer with a four-wheel drive, please let me know and I will tell the Loudoun hospital staff in case they need patients or staff to be picked up.

And if you can help out with a pick-up of someone who does not have four-wheel drive, let me know.


If certain conditions exist in the area that require me to warn neighbors, please tell me. Generally, this is a surprise snowfall and the main roads are being plowed and salted at this time. The side streets are not being plowed at this time.

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