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Nice Christmas Gift

December 21, 2002

Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings.

Here is an early Christmas present. Any opportunity like this is a special gift of free speech. Usually newspapers are busy publishing on deadline and seldom have a chance to combine both a hot topic and reader opinion before a deadline. Now you have the opportunity to vote on whether or not Loudoun County Supervisors should get a PAY RAISE. I will publicize the results in my upcoming board comments, so ask your friends to vote, too.

poll is listed on home page

poll is listed on related article

The Finance Committee, as an early Christmas present to other members of the Board of Supervisors, put on the calendar a proposal "for January 6th action" for pay raises for Supervisors.

Leesburg Today is providing an on-line poll for the time being. So, until they take it down, you and I can vote on it. (one vote permited per internet subscriber).

I do not think the board deserves a raise. I have said that. Leesburg Today says I would favor a raise if tied to government employees. Actually, I would consider that a reasonable proposal for discussion. I WOULD STILL VOTE NO TO A PAYRAISE FOR SUPERVISORS.

In light of the current failure of the board to keep spending down and taxes down combined with the economic downturn and loss of tax revenues, and for other reasons, this board should not have any kind of raise.

VOX POPULI is the online poll of the Leesburg Today. Vox Populi -"Voice of the People" - is like an online Town Meeting. Visitors following specific issues come together and vote their opinions pro & con.

Results for "Should the pay be increased for the next board of supervisors?"

No 42.11% (16) Yes, significantly 26.32% (10) Maybe a little 18.42% (7) Do we have to pay them? 13.16% (5)

SURELY, there are more people that have an opinion on this?


Thank you to those of you who have been responding to my direct mail appeals, phone calls and e-mail messages. The other side is very busy doing their dirty deeds. So I must try to match them with your help.

*************repeat of political plug from eugene***********


I sent out to some of you a special written appeal in the regular postal mail. Please respond as soon as possible to my request. For those of you not on my postal mailing list, please send $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or whatever you can afford to send prior to December 31st, 2002 to Friends of Delgaudio, P.O. Box 1222 Sterling, Va. 20167. This is the Year End Deadline for disclosure of the number of donors to my campaign re-election and the amount of money. The names of people giving donations OVER $100 will be listed, but the big challenge is boosting the number of small donors up to show popular support.

In the Northern Virginia Area Only!


Please mail your large or small check today. Or call me at 703-421-4599 or e-mail me your address and I will come by and pick up a small or large denomination check. Put my name on the envelope and tape it to your door. Let me know if I can come by and pick it up. This Year End Report is very important as it will keep me in the current number one position of Supervisor campaigns, if possible.

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