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Veterans Day Monday

November 11, 2002


Please remember those who are serving, and who have served, in our Armed Forces worldwide.


It has been a warm couple of days here.

It was cold cold cold at 6:00 a.m. Election Day when I greeted voters. And the rain later made it worse.

The rain beat down on my face Election Day evening and soaked my clothing. I held my large umbrella out so that voters arriving at the polls could see their way clear from their cars to the door . Many appreciated it. My arms were tired.

Sterling led the way in opposition to the sales tax, with a 2 to one margin.

STERLING DISTRICT TOTAL Yes to the Sales Tax- 33.7% 1,543
No to the Sales Tax- 66.3% 3,033


The CITIZENS SURVEY was handed out far and wide with results, so far, showing overwhelming opposition to forced downzoning in Western Loudoun and density packing in Eastern Loudoun, and opposition to $8,000,000.00 in "purchase of development funds" going to rich people in the fox hunt estates to "preserve land" that they were going to preserve anyway.

That $8,000,000.00 should go to teachers, deputies and firemen. Many hundreds of people voiced appreciation for my Citizens Survey being distributed. Thank you to all who helped to get it around the district and at the polls.

Thank you for voting and making a difference as always. Thank you for being part of a history making event. It seems there are many political leaders who want you to believe your only "hope" is increased spending and taxes. I am not one of them.

I want you to know that there is a lot of wasted funds going to political favorites and partisan causes here in Loudoun and in Richmond.

Loudoun needs to get its fair share and the Department of Motor Vehicles must be re-opened. It will be re-opened if you and I work towards that goal.

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