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Tax Appeal Deadline March 16

March 12, 2006

From Eugene Delgaudio Sterling District


• Taxes in Loudoun County are out of control, making life unaffordable.
• Average assessments for many Sterling residents increased in 2006 by
46 percent.
• Average tax bills for many Sterling residents increased in 2006 by 39
• Despite the fact assessment are supposed to be based on fair market
value, most houses in Sterling are being assessed for more than they
would sell for.


If you intend to appeal, you MUST appeal your assessment to the
assessor's office by Thursday, March 16. Any appeals after Thursday,
March 16 must be made to the Board of Equalization, which is harder and
has less chance of success.

The Real Estate Assessment Division is located on the fourth floor of
the Government Building at 1 Harrison Street, S.E., Leesburg, Virginia.
The office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please call
703-777-0290 for general information, or fax the office at 703-771-5234.
You can also find more at

1) Call the Tax Assessor's office at 703-777-0290
2) Have your Tax Map or PIN number available.
3) You will be transferred to the appraiser for your area.
4) You may then speak to your appraiser. You can speak directly with
the appraiser until Thursday, March 16. The appraiser can provide you
or inform you of the comparable sales and additional area. You will
also be asked to provide additional documentation.
5) If you are not satisfied, you have until June 1 to appeal to the
Loudoun County Board of Equalization. You can get the form by going to and clicking on "Appeal of 2006 Real Estate
Assessment Form" under Board of Equalization near the bottom of the
page, or by calling BOE staffer Doris Donnella at 703-777-0289.

I hope you find this information useful should you want to appeal your
2006 property tax assessment. Thank you for giving me the opportunity
to serve you. If you have any questions you may reach me at home at
703-421-4599, at my office at 703-771-5819 or by e-mail at

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