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March 24, 2006

Since I last wrote you, I have attended many board meetings which
included a joint meeting with the school board and budget worksessions.

Please write as soon as possible to tell the board: Keep
reducing spending and work for "NO TAX INCREASE". Keep the rate down by
reducing spending, go to 81 cents the equalized rate." Or call the board
comment line 703-777-0115. All emails and comments are given to each
Supervisor. Thank you.

School Board Superintendent Ed Hatrick responded to the board of
supervisors voting 7 to 2 to go down to 90 cents by unleashing a flood
of emails, news releases and other lobbying to move the tax rate back up.


100s of emails are fueled by Mr. Hatrick's letter to parents, teachers
and other workers. And there are also emails from other government
workers stating, among other things, "help me pay for the increased
taxes by raising my teacher salary 9 per cent."

Every department head of every government agency stares at the board and
says every increase is "absolutely necessary" as some Supervisors cry
"oh how harsh" whenever there is a move to reduce the spending.

At 9 a.m. Saturday morning, I return to a full day "budget worksession"
in which the board may fold and give in to the pressure. At least one
supervisor intends on trying to restore many reductions we put in place
just a week ago.

These worksessions are often just a glorified browbeating of elected
officials to change their mind about reducing your tax burden. I am not
optimistic to keep five votes, a majority, on the budget reduction side
of things.


There will be other budget worksessions next week and then an all day
business meeting on Tuesday April 4th when the tax rate and budget is
set for 2006-2007.

You need to counter the 100s of emails demanding a full tax increase to
97 cents. I have proposals and I will support further reductions in the
rate of increase.

Only in Loudoun does a School system and county goverment get an
increase and then call it a cut when the increase is not big enough.
Repeating: there are no "cuts" just reductions in the increases the
bigger government lobby is demanding.

Please write as soon as possible to tell the board: Keep
reducing spending and work for "NO TAX INCREASE". Keep the rate down by
reducing spending, go to 81 cents the equalized rate." Or call the board
comment line 703-777-0115. All emails and comments are given to each
Supervisor. Thank you.

>>> Be Part of the Welcome Committee

The Governor has scheduled another of his pro-tax increase town meetings
in which he lobbies the public to pressure your elected Delegates to
raise taxes. His next one is Tuesday, March 28 at 7 p.m. Dominion High
School at 21326 Augusta Drive. That High School is across Route 7 in
Sugarland Run District, just five minutes from Sterling. Heading up
Sterling Blvd., take a right at Route 7 and then a left turn at the next
traffic light (Augusta Drive). The School is down the street on the right.

I have a budget worksession planned so I am asking you to consider going
instead of me.

You might cheer Tim Kaine if you want a tax increase. Some of you do.

Or, for most of you: consider holding a green sign that says "NO TAX
INCREASE" at 6 p.m. (one hour earlier). That's the request of Jim
Parmelee who will bring the "no tax increase" signs if there are
Sterling citizens to hold them. Email me back and say "Tell Jim That I
will hold a sign that says "No Tax Increase". I will tell Jim if you can
come. Thank you.

>>>250 Republicans Elected Countywide

I mentioned 25 Republicans from Sterling District that were elected last
Saturday and want to extend that to the 250 Republicans who were
elected. Congratulations to the 250 Republicans elected to the Loudoun
County Republican Committee (LCRC). None of them get paid and all of
them are volunteers. Welcome.

The Big Spenders and RINOs never rest, so consider joining these new
LCRC members to help out. Thank you.

>>>>Board of Supervisor Meetings Online

Now, when the board meets you can watch anywhere in the world as it is
broadcast over the internet. And at any time, you can visit the website
and watch an entire six hour meeting at any time as meetings are now
archived. You can select a topic or watch the entire meeting. So live or
archived, you can see what's what.


Ever hear of Cowpie Bingo? There will be a real live cow at Sully
Elementary School. You will have the opportunity to indicate where you
think that the cow will 'drop something'.
Deeds are available for each of approximately 100 possible 3'x3' squares
for $10 each.

The cow will have 2 hours to 'drop something' on your spot. First prize
will be $100 cash or a Nintendo GameCube! Second prize is $50 cash and
3rd prize is $25 cash! Drawings will be held in the event of an
unproductive cow. This event will take place starting at 5:00pm on
Tuesday, April 4th, 2006. The cow will be released to the grid for 2
hours starting at 5:30pm. You do not have to be present to win.

>>>>Some Delgaudio No Votes

These are some Delgaudio "no" votes against spending that occured at
board meetings in recent months. There are plenty more from recent
budget worksessions and it should give you some idea on some of the
routine boondoggles proposed at every meeting.

>>February 7, 2006 Board meeting

$98,000 bi-lingual initiative as an enhancement as part of the FY07
proposed budget

Budget Amendments for the Establishment of Drug Court $500,000

The Board of Supervisors moved to support and purchase or otherwise
contract or subcontract services provided by foreign or domestic
companies that have non-US residents. ( Delgaudio's no vote was to keep
YOUR tax dollars going to American companies)

The Board of Supervisors moved to keep and not repeal BPOL (Business and
Professional Occupation Lis. Tax) and thereby, "limit or narrow Loudoun
County's taxing ability"
(Delgaudio's no vote was to eliminate a tax on small business)

>>February 21, 2006 Board meeting

Contract for the procurement of seven commuter coaches to Motor Coach
Industries for the government run Commuter Bus system in the estimated
amount of $3,185,000.
(Delgaudio's no vote was to get Loudoun county out of bus transportation)

Board of Supervisors amendment to the Debt Policies section of the
County's Adopted Fiscal Policy to include "Annual debt issuance limit of
$200 million" (Delgaudio supported a reduction of $25 million in debt to
$175 million)

>>November 15, 2005 Board meeting

Supervisor Delgaudio stated that he wanted to be consistent with his
previous positions and would vote no on the following projects: Carver
School, Franklin Park Performing Arts Center, and the Lovettsville Park.
(Save Sterling taxpayers $10 million in spending)

Intent to Amend the Zoning Ordinance ("NO" to repeating the lawsuits
and unanimous court rulings against Loudoun costing $10 million in legal

>>December 6, 2005 Board meeting

Allocation of FY05 Fund Balance for the Youth After School Program (YAS)
$147,545 (Delgaudio voted no to government sponsored babysitting after

>>December 10, 2005 Board meeting

western Loudoun costs taxpayers in Eastern Loudoun billions in increased

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