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January 31, 2006

Please remember to vote today Tuesday, January 31st at your regular
polling place between 6am and 7pm. POLLS CLOSE AT 7 P.M.

The 33rd Senate District is all Sterling Park and the Sterling area
and(east of Rt. 15 in Loudoun and parts of Western Fairfax), you will
have the opportunity to be in the very small percentage of people who
will choose our next State Senator.

We have A choice between liberal Democrat, Mark Herring and conservative
Republican, Mick Staton Please vote for Mick

The next State Senator will go down to Richmond to be sworn in TOMORROW
February 1st and he will vote on laws that will affect our lives for
decades to come.

Mark Herring has already said that he supports the Warner / Kaine budget
which proposes BILLIONS of $$$$ in tax increases. This kind of fiscal
irresponsibility will devastate Virginia's economy and the budget does
nothing to affect a funding formula that sends northern Virginia tax
dollars down state and leaves Loudoun and Fairfax citizens to deal with
ever higher property tax bills to fund their own infrastructure challenges.

Mick Staton knows we don't need to raise taxes to meet our priorities in
Virginia -- if we are just willing to do the hard work of addressing
wasteful spending and re-prioritzing transportation dollars according to
need. Mick knows that government doesn't create prosperity, people do
and government needs to get out of the way.

Please make it a priority to vote today. Turnout is especially low today
so far, so your vote will make a difference.

Please contact at least 5 people and urge them to vote for Mick Staton.

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