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February 12, 2006

Loudoun County Public Schools will be closed Monday, February 13th. This
follows Fairfax schools being closed.


It snowed in Sterling all night Saturday night and through late Sunday
morning. The trucks were working last night and again all day today (two

I have looked at most of the major and minor roads throughout Sterling
District and see that we have gotten it all plowed right down to the
surface. Some shopping centers and home owners associations were working
as late as nightfall and are working now. We need to keep an eye out for
children who are in the snow playing.

If you need some help due to auto trouble or illness, please call me at
703-421-4599 and I will make arrangements to do your errands or dig you
out if you so desire. Email me back and let me know if there is any road
not plowed.


In driving around, I did notice some heavy commercial trucks parked in
some areas and am happy to report that the county passed ordinaces
forbidding the parking of "heavy duty commercial trucks" in residential
areas. This is not to be confused with the small pick ups or vans that a
self-employed professional uses-- these are allowed, one per household.

The initial area of enforcement authorized by the board is near the fire
and rescue station in downtown Sterling and at the Eastern Loudoun


Rev. Charlie Grant turns 70 today and all of Sterling salutes him.

Grant is a former Supervisor who has devoted his life to serving
Sterling residents through transportation services provided by a
non-profit for thousands of people, food services and homeless services
for thousands of poor people and religious counseling at accident scenes
as a Rescue chaplain 24 hours a day. Happy Birthday to Rev. Grant and
best wishes to his wife and entire family who support him in his many
critically needed devotions.

>>> Latest Boondoggle Could Mean Millions In Waste

Over 1,000 times now, there has been, and there will be, a confrontation
between me and some well-intentioned official who wishes to spend more
money "solving" a problem that can not be "solved" with your money, in
my opinion. Are you with me?


I ask you this "new" question for Sterling Americans: SHOULD Loudoun
County Fund New Spanish Speaking Government Workers with your tax money?

My opinion, and some others, is that there are private programs teaching
English as a second language in the 7 universities in Loudoun, in 25
churches, and in the Adult Education classes offered by the public
schools. Enrollment is in the thousands. Sending people to these
programs seems logical and costs the taxpayer NOTHING.

Brian Oliger (against $98,000) says "The County should back away from
this social engineering, as you correctly called it. Please continue to
oppose this."

Jeff Talley (against $98,000) says "Promoting the use of multiple
languages in a society is dangerous. (Supervisors should) stop accusing
Mr. Delgaudio of political posturing. Since when is standing up for the
preservation of our American culture and heritage political posturing.

Steve Snow (for $98,000) says "If there's any reason this should be
passed it's Mr. Delgaudio's argument against," Snow said. "You've got to
invest in the people."

Write the board at and tell them your opinion. Tell me
also. I am all ears.
Thank you.

For a good report on this go to the Loudoun Independent Newspaper online
and in print:

>>>County to debate bilingual spending
"A series of initiatives to assist Loudoun County's Spanish-speaking,
residents at a cost of approximately $98,000, will be considered during
the upcoming budget process, despite a protest from Supervisor Eugene
Delgaudio (R-Sterling)." see article for more.


As I reported last week, the Honorable John F. "Jack" Herrity, the
former Republican Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors,
passed away last Wednesday morning.

Most Republicans were inspired by his example and even those who fought
him tooth and nail still respected him. A legend in every way who built
roads that needed to be built over the objections of naysayers. Every
elected Republican owes him and most public officials in Virginia
respect him. He touched my life and thousands of others for the longest

Last week's Washington Post has a fitting tribute located at:

Appreciation: Jack Herrity, 1932-2006 in the Times Community paper

>>>A-3 Finds Majority Support At Rural Zoning Hearing

A majority of 50 citizens who turned out to comment on the board's
downzoning proposals said "please don't downzone me". I think any
downzoning is paid for by Sterling residents in the form of increased
cost of services to the downzoned Western Loudoun region and the
financial burden of Court battles ($10 million so far) and potential
judgements (upwards of $50 to $100 million) that we the taxpayers would
have to pay. See article at:

>>> Yo-Yo Guy at Sully Elementary School for Discovery Park

The puppets were a big success. Now comes the YO-YO guy.

The Sully Elementary PTO will present Dick Stohr, "That Yo-Yo Guy," for
a performance of "The Science of Spin" at 11 a.m. on Saturday, February
25th, at the school.

This event is open to the community. Admission is $8 for adults, $5 for
children. Tickets will be sold at the door. Some of the people attending
this event will win a free yo-yo.

The proceeds from this performance will go toward Discovery Park, the
new science park and playground at Sully Elementary.

Stohr is a full-time yo-yo professional and prize-winning champion.

>>>Shirley Contracting Presents Check to Discovery Park

Thanks go to Broadlands Hospital for sending a delegation several days
ago with a $2500 check. Now thanks goes to Jon Harman of Shirley

Jon Harman of the Shirley Contracting Company donated $3,350 for the
bridges in the Discovery Park that will be constructed at Sully
Elementary School.

Shirley Contracting Company will sponsor the Trampoline Bridge,
Earthquake Bridge and Bouncy Bridge as well as buying a T-shirt
sponsorship for the Discovery Park T-shirts.
In addition to the financial support, Shirley will provide a work crew
to assist in the construction of the park. Construction is scheduled to
take place October 18th


They have had puppets, doctors, foundation ceos, construction leaders,
and now COWS.

The Sully Elementary School PTO will be holding a fundraiser at
Chick-Fil-A at the Sugarland Plaza Mall on Thursday, February 23rd from
5:00pm-8:00pm. Chick-Fil-A will donate a portion of the proceeds to
Discovery Park, the planned Science Park and Playground at Sully.
Everyone is invited to join the Sully PTO to help raise money for this

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