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Hi Assessments = Hi Taxes??

February 25, 2006


Dick Stohr, known as That Yo-Yo Guy, will be performing at Sully this
Saturday, February 25 at 11am. This event is open to the entire community.

Join That Yo-Yo Guy for a dazzling and skillful demonstration of yo-yos,
tops and other spin toys using some principles basic to aviation and
space exploration, as well as everyday life.

Dick Stohr is donating his services to provide this show. The proceeds
from this performance will go toward Discovery Park, our new Science
Park & Playground. And some lucky winners will win a FREE yo-yo!


The Knights are sponsoring a Polish-American Dinner Dance tonight,
Saturday, Feb. 25, featuring the Joe Shelko band. Dinner is at 7 P.M.
Dance from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 P.M. Cost is $40 per couple.


Sorry about the "assessment" increase that you and everybody got.

Expressions of shock, disappointment and anger are what everybody is
feeling. I am right there with you as well.

I got a 48 per cent raise also. At the 1.04 rate that's an extra $100
million in increased tax collection. You know Sterling will never see
most of that money in services that we want.

Oh sure, we will get lots of taxpayer paid for viewshed in the Western
portions of Loudoun County. That's why housing prices and assessments
have shot through the roof. You won't be allowed on any of the land you
paid for. Ever.

I am pledged to push for an 81 cent rate which is the equalized rate of
tax so that there is no increase in the tax bill or amount you are
required to pay.

Regarding 4 additional votes out of 5 needed to pass the 81 cent rate:

You need to write a letter, or attend a meeting or otherwise convey to
another 4 supervisors your opinion to assist me.

I am doing the best I can.

A liberal Supervisor would write you and agree with you and then simply
vote for the increased rate without blinking an eye.

I have seen that.

Its up to you. A liberal Supervisor who lies openly or a conservative
Supervisor who is a pain in the neck to openly and militantly wasteful
liberals who want to pilfer, pillage and take liberties with the assets
of your family.

Again: I am targeting dozens of programs to be cut back, eliminated or
simply not supported with any taxpayer funds in order to allow the
private sector to supply those services at a reasonable fee or what the
market usually does: a fair fee with competition keeping everybody honest.

You might not even like some of my positions. Most of the time most
citizens in Loudoun County support what I am doing. Referendums and
emails and letters to the editor show that year after year after year.

Especially in Sterling.

But everybody understands that I am one Supervisor out of 9 that always
and consistently votes to reduce spending and increases in spending and
therefore reduce the tax rate on your tax bill. Together, let's go get 4


Let me know if you are interested in the committee in Sterling. Thank you.


I requested this and Supervisor Sally Kurtz and the other supervisors
agreed it would be a good idea.

Assessor's Office to Extend Hours to Answer Telephone Calls

The Loudoun County Assessor's Office is extending its hours of operation
to answer telephone calls from property owners who have questions about
their 2006 assessments. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, from February 28
through March 16, staff members will be available to answer phone calls
until 7:00 p.m.

"In order to provide better customer service and accommodate those
people who cannot call during the day, we are extending the hours that
we will accept telephone calls," said Todd Kaufman, Loudoun County
Assessor. "We will also use that time to return telephone calls."

The telephone number for the Assessor's Office is 703-777-0290.

Information about the assessment process in Loudoun County, including a
series of frequently asked questions, is available on the county
government website at .

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