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Whole World is Watching!

July 19, 2002


As I promised, I fought the attack on Christmas on Monday.

Santa Claus came and so did the Associated Press, Darth Vader and Congressman Frank Wolf. There have been daily reports on the radio and in other news media all over the United States even five days later. The board voted 5 to 4 to study the proposed lighting ordinances and come back in September. I am told other news reports are being prepared.

I will provide you some additional information including some of the many newslinks and commentaries next week. And I will include some of the local neighbors reacting to reading the ordinances.

Most citizens and news editors critical of these ordinances have read them. The protests from the forces of darkness supporting the "light ordinances" and their public questioning of your Sterling Supervisor and the critics is without merit. I have read the ordinances and all the members of the press reporting on this have read these ordinances by simply clicking on the link I have provided and they reported accurately all the wackiness and absurdities being proposed.

The Forces of Darkness wish to claim that their enemies are ignorant or mis-informed. Expect only confusion or lies from the forces of darkness. They have been found out and now they exclaim victimhood.

National Radio Talk Show host Rush Limbaugh has now studied Loudoun County's proposed ordinances. See his comments at the end.


Before you read Rush Limbaugh's comments, let me say I treasure my service on the Board of Supervisors and value the contributions being made by all of the Supervisors. I do disagree with them on many of their proposals but have not and will not be disruptive or personally attack them. I circulate and thank Rush Limbaugh for his strong assessment of this current crisis because the truth must get out about these lighting ordinances. Rush's honest reaction to these crazy ordinances is in his spectacular and unique style.

I aim to be faithful to my Sterling Americans in wanting me to say the truth. I have asked for help in this matter and am grateful to each and every dedicated journalist who have come forward to report these proposals (see below for Limbaugh comments). Thank you citizens and reporters.

Yard Sale in Sterling

On Saturday, July 20, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., there will be a giant yard sale at the Briarpatch Park on Sterling Blvd. The rental fee charged for the booth space goes towards improvements in the park. A new volunteer has come foreward to run the entire project.

Sound of Music in Sterling

The Sterling Playmakers have been rehearsing for months and the Sound of Music production is their biggest show of the year. Catch it at the Potomac Falls HS theater at 8 p.m. Fridays and at 3 p.m. Sundays from July 26-28, August 2-4 and August 9-11.

Senator George Allen and Ken Team Up

My friend Mike Thompson lost the recent GOP primary. My other friend, Ken Cuccinelli, won the Republican nomination. Now he is running in a special election that ends August 6. I am supporting Ken.

Please consider joining my good friend Senator George Allen (who endorsed me for Supervisor ) on Monday, July 22 and attend a Bar-B-Que reception with him and Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican Candidate for the Virginia Senate, 37th District.

It will be held at the home of:Bob and Barbara Ledoux
12825 Shadow Oak Lane Fairfax, VA 22033 at 6:30 pm
They are asking for $50 a ticket. Please visit Ken's website for a map & directions

Eastern Loudoun Bike Safety Rodeo, Aug. 3

There will be a Bike Safety Rodeo on August 3, 2002, 10 a.m. to Noon at
Rolling Ridge Elementary School
500 East Frederick Drive, Sterling VA sponsored by Cub Scouts Packs 572, 761, 950, 951,1152, 1156, & 1157
This is free event with Volunteers.

This Bike Rodeo is planned for Loudoun Youths ages 3 to 12 to learn bicycling safety, win prizes and have fun.

The event includes participation by the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office Bicycle Deputies, the Loudoun Hospital's Mobile Health Van, Sterling Fire and Rescue and a visit from Medstar Transport's helicopter. Merchants and companies from all over the area have donated food and drinks, bicycling gear and many other items to help with this effort.

Children must be accompanied by an adult and must wear a bike helmet when riding on the obstacle course.


Transript of Rush Limbaugh, Wednesday, July 17, 2002
"Liberal activists in Loudoun County, Virginia, about an hours drive from Washington, want to preserve the night sky. They proposed legislation that could force residents and businesses to shut off their lights in some cases as early as 9:00 PM.

County Supervisor Bill Bogard says its something he feels very strongly about.

Now these liberals are working with Dark Sky International, an Arizona wacko outfit whose mission is and I quote: "to protect and preserve the night time environmental by and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting." Elizabeth Alvarez the group's associate director says they try to teach people when, where, and how much light they should be using for energy and environmental reasons.

Well apparently people in Loudoun County are to stupid to figure out when and where they need lights, and how much light they need! This problem can only be solved by new regulations from Arizona!

Supervisor Bogard says the goal of the ordinance is to make residents feel good about their community as well as curtail business lights.

These dim-witted liberals must have a dartboard with Thomas Edison's face on the bull's-eye! For those of you in public schools by the way Edison invented the light bulb.

What the heck do these people expect? At 9 o'clock every night civilization will turn off and everyone is going to go out and look at the sky because it is being protected by these Neanderthals? The sky, whether its daytime or nighttime, doesn't need protection, we do, from these wacko liberals who are always totally in the dark, and this story establishes and proves that." (END OF QUOTE)

THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU, MR. LIMBAUGH and all the many hard working members of the local and national news media who responded to the urgent situation here in Loudoun County.

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