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April 27 Event cancelled

April 26, 2002

Sterling Meeting for Saturday Cancelled

The Sterling Community Meeting, which had been scheduled for this Saturday, April 27, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., has been canceled. The meeting was canceled because a relatively low number of Sterling area residents had called to register in advance.

The Public Information Office will send out a news release Monday announcing the cancellation, and will also put an announcement on the county website. This notice has been published in various newspapers.

30 Sterling residents did attend an earlier community outreach meeting with the Supervisors, but that was prior to the passage of the General Plan. It was felt by Leesburg that the earlier meeting, prior to the general plan's adoption, would be enough. My opinion is that Sterling needs to be ever more attentive to the designs of its county government.

I believe most people in Sterling know they are in a developed area of the county and many of the confiscatory and regulatory accesses can not be applied to Sterling Park. With the announcement of the cancellation came the news that Ashburn was being designated as a Historic District which would result in residences in Old Ashburn being at the brunt of federal, state and county oversight on the maintainence of their homes.

Only today are we learning the details of how Ashburn has fallen to the whim of County staff. Pray that the lack of interest in this county's General Plan does not adversely affect Sterling. I will keep you posted.


Please come May 13 at 7 p.m. to the Glory Day's Grill at Dranesville Road and Route 7. It is critical to my political aspirations and will cost you very little money compared to the effort and result you get from a Sterling Supervisor devoted to you. I will stuff you with sandwiches, free soda and if you need something stronger, there is a cash bar.

Appointees Encouraged By Supervisor Delgaudio

On Monday night, I said these words to a small gathering of my citizens advisory board appointments, 12 men and women who keep an eye on various parts of the Loudoun County Government. These words apply to you for being on this list, as well:

" I want to thank you, each one of you, for the time that you are volunteering, out of your lives, to be the good citizens that Loudoun County needs. Your Citizen input and trying to get the right things done is what keeps this county going, and is the ONLY thing that gives us hope for a brighter tomorrow."

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