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VOTE BY PHONE, Message Two

January 24, 2002

Thank you all for the many e-mails and phone calls in response to today's earlier message. This is breaking hard on people. In response to requests, allow me to give blanket permission to foreward my message to anyone you please.

Short Clarification: Some people have written back and said the various news reporters or news media outlets are letting them down. Let me tell you that the news reporters are victims here too, as well as the citizens.

Let me give you my "amplified" clarification in full:

"Kiss" your computer and internet provider because it is your first line of defense in protecting you against the Loudoun Board of Supervisors.

In my sending you the published news stories of the Tuesday meeting, I was documenting that the Board of Supervisors actually is on record opposing the sales tax referendum, on Tuesday.

The "vote by phone" occurred the day that these these newspapers published, on Wednesday. You can bet that this was intentional and I pray not one of you miss this travesty which is an attempt to get away with "vote fraud" by having it take place l.) after the regular meeting and 2.) after the publishing of local papers take place.

It is thanks to one reporter this week that the truth is getting out about the Loudoun County government and its latest wrongdoing.

But ALL THE OTHER NEWS REPORTERS WERE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. Most of the reporters were not told, by any county offficial, of the "vote by phone" that took place.

These reporters work very hard and have to write down hours of reports and we see the end product. There can be confusing votes but they have editors and deadlines and some go from 8 hour board of supervisor meetings and then go to 6 hour long School Board meetings or other events to report on them.

Most local newspapers faithfully have deadlines on Tuesday at noon or shortly after noon. Two local papers published twice a week (the Post and the Norther Va. Journal). And the Journal just started this week covering Loudoun.

When you get your newspaper today or this week. Open it up and call the phone number listed on the editorial page.

Ask for and Thank the editor, and publisher, for working in that line of work. A free and independent press is the only thing saving us from bad policies or misrepresentations going unreported and fear of the truth getting out to the public is what keeps things out in the open rather than behind closed doors.

Thank a reporter for working long hours and writing articles into the night.

We may not agree with what is sometimes written. But right now, the only way we can hope to keep our government is if we have a free and independent news media here in Loudoun County.

On the local level, your local press is what keeps policies and procedures on the up and up.

It is down to the pen and yellow pad of a print or radio reporter to keep the entire Loudoun Government faithfully doing what's right by you and me. And to keep you informed.

Many times you hear from me about the Loudoun Easterner. Even the Washington Post gives them credit for reversing the redistricting nightmare.

Right now, today's edition of the Loudoun Easterner headlines the KING of PDRs, Al Van Huyck, declaring that PDRs should be reconsidered, or pulled back for now. Please read it.

But I think all of them are underestimated on how critical their work is to our freedoms and form of government: all the news outlets weekly newspapers, local radio 1200 AM, WAGE Radio, Ch. 3 and 8 TV news, and others.

Right now, it seems our county staff and a majority of board members are browbeating and lobbying our elected State Delegates in Richmond to pass a "raise the sales tax referendum." But they did not vote that way on Tuesday. They had a "Vote by Phone" on Wednesday.

Its never been done like this. Ever.

Please thank the press for their work, and encourage the local press to write the truth about the upside down thinking of the current Loudoun Board of Supervisors. I believe they are trying and probably don't even know about the "VOTE BY PHONE" that occurred on Wednesday, after the public meeting.

This is breaking hard on everyone who hears about this. All of us have been betrayed and it is hard. But do not be disappointed in your free press or news services here in Loudoun since they were not informed and it appears clear to me that they were not going to be informed.

If it was not clear in my earlier report to you, or it is not clear yet, the public and the entire Loudoun County Press Corp was not told about this.

I have faith in you as a Sterling American and I have faith that the Board of Supervisors will reconsider its "Vote By Phone". Right now, we need a free press to report in their NEXT editions what is going on.

P.S. I printed my first newsletter as a high school freshman, at age 14. For 34 years, I have valued the first amendment as a public policy spokesman for conservative causes. Many times the press has been the only thing preventing the loss of our liberties. A free press has fought to preserve those freedoms. Sometimes one determined reporter has held back an army. I have seen it with my eyes time and again. This is one of those times when a free press can make a difference.-- ED

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