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January 16, 2006

Your one vote can make a difference Today, Monday. Liberals wearing bags
on their heads will show up to shamefully attempt to vote, "as

I will wear my bright orange hat.

Drivers of cars with "Kaine for Governor" and "John Kerry for President"
stickers will brazenly sign pledges to the Republican party. It won't be
the first time. (They will be barred by law come June 30 from doing this).

I will wave you in.

Liberal bottom dwellers will hover like vultures to see if conservatives
will turn out.

I will embrace you and thank you.

And we will win with your vote.

Some misguided souls are doing the liberal's dirty work in the dark of
the night and shamelessly in broad day light in front of children.

Nothing I do or say will change this willful desire to expand
government, increase taxes or make secret deals to leave Sterling out of
the policy making. I guess that is their "right".

But it is our right to stop them if we can. It is our obligation to stop
them if we can.

I will stand wearing my orange hat outside the poll to greet you.

I know you will help me save Sterling from being a step child and bled
dry for boondoggles and wasteful schemes. Thank you.

Sterling Americans have never stood by and allowed a liberal victory
without a fight.
Thank you.

You have always been there in any important battle. Thank you.

I know you will NEVER surrender your freedom to resist liberalism and
get nothing in return. Thank you.

Over and over again, Sterling Americans have been there and outvoted the
liberals. Year in and year out, Sterling Americans have been the
conservative fortress for Loudoun County.

Time to Vote.

Most of you are supporting Mick Staton, a boldly and strident voice for
your beliefs who has made liberals retreat or recoil from their wild
ways with your wallet. Thank you.

So, please vote for Mick Staton Monday for Senator. Thank you.

>>>SIMPLE AND SHORT DIRECTIONS to One and Only Polling Place

FROM Sterling Park, 20 minute ride, head west on Church Road. It becomes
Waxpool then Farmwell Road then Ashburn Farm Parkway. Turn Left onto
Clairborne Parkway. Make Right onto Broadlands. Make another right onto
Education Court. Giant "Corporate HQ" (sic) School Administration
building scars the landscape five stories high. 300 parking spaces. 11

The date of the election: January 16, 2006, in 12 hours.
Martin Luther King Holiday
Time of election: 11:00 am to 7:00 p.m.
Place of election: Loudoun County School Administration Building
21000 Education Court Ashburn, VA 20148

here is a map showing the area of polling place

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