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Charles Mann Sept. 23

August 25, 2005

Please set aside Friday, September 23, from 7 to 9 p.m. for a special
event with Redskins legend Charles Mann. Mr. Mann will be joined by the
top elected officials in helping my re-election committee to raise money
for my 2007 race. Please consider reserving today for this special
fundraising event at the Pacific Restaurant in the Potomac Run Plaza.
Thank you.


I am sending you a copy of a Eugene Delgaudio signed letter that has
been reported in various newspapers in recent days.

This letter to the county attorney and administrator asked how to obtain
Board of Supervisors direction on responding to the Herndon Town Council
vote to place an illegal alien job center on a parcel of land in Loudoun

>>>Letter to Kirby Bowers, Administrator and Jack Roberts, County
Attorney AND the full board

(Quote) "I am writing in my capacity as Supervisor for Sterling District
regarding the five to two vote of the Herndon Town Council to put a Day
Labor Center partly in Loudoun County without directly involving the
county government or board of supervisors or citizens of Loudoun.

I believe the letter from Mr. Bowers, my own letter, sent earlier, and
the attendence, on the public record, of three Supervisors (Snow, Staton
and myself) at the Town Council Hearing provides ample documentation to
show Loudoun does not wish to any action to be taken without our, the
Loudoun Board of Supervisors, involvement or input.

Based on information at the public hearing, it is clear the Fairfax
Board of Supervisors, the applicant and the Herndon Town Council all
consider Loudoun's interests to be secondary to pushing this through.

I ask that the board of supervisors of Loudoun be polled formally on the
question of immediate legal action to protect the interests of Loudoun
County and not surrender the rights of Loudoun citizens in the Dulles
District and I join with Supervisor Snow's request to gain a sense of
the majority of Supervisors by phone for immediate legal action.
Thank you. (unquote)


A short time later, on the same day last week, Supervisor Steve Snow
sent a similar letter asking the county to take immediate action to
protect the rights of Loudoun and its citizens on the basis of the
Herndon Town action the night before.

Mr. Bowers took action to begin consideration of what legal options the
county can take concerning the Herndon actions to start an illegal alien
job center.

>>>Statement from County Administrator Kirby M. Bowers

“We have learned today through the news media of the Herndon Town
Council’s approval of a day labor center located on property within the
Town of Herndon. A portion of this property is in Loudoun County.

We are requesting that the Town of Herndon provide us with a complete
package of materials on the conditional use permit. Upon receiving the
materials from Herndon, I will forward the information to the Zoning
Administrator for review and a formal determination as to compliance
with the Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance.

We expect that the Zoning Administrator will have a determination within
one to two weeks after we receive the materials from Herndon. We will
make the determination public at that time. This is all I will have to
say on this issue until further information is available.â€


The county of Loudoun will review the final documents passed by the Town
of Herndon and decide what, if any, standing the county has in enforcing
its regulations on land inside Loudoun that is also part of a parcel in
another jurisdiction.

There could be a public opinion issued by the county zoning
administrator this week. That could be the basis of a special meeting or
an item on the next regular meeting, September 6.

I intend to ask the full board of supervisors to decide if Loudoun
citizens should be protected against such illegal policies on its
borders. I hope to have a majority say "yes".


Under the rules of order passed by the board of supervisors, the
chairman, OR TWO SUPERVISORS, can call a special meeting of the board to
consider an issue. I have been talking to supervisors in recent days for
them to consider coming back from vacation to consider taking legal
action sooner than the next scheduled meeting of September 6, 2005.


There are two options for members of the board of supervisors. Wait for
the zoning administrator to prepare an opinion. Or instruct the county
attorney to report to the board of supervisors to discuss legal options.
Since the attorney for the county will take into consideration as part
of a discussion what the zoning administrator (ZOA) reports, it would
be better to wait for the ZOA.

Previously the zoning administrator issued an informal opinion stating
that Loudoun land use policies would not permit an entrance onto the
Loudoun County portion of the illegal alien job center. In response,
Herndon ordered the closing of the entrance and opened an entrance on
the Herndon/Fairfax portion.

Do you agree? Should the board immediately come back from its vacation
and discuss options at a special meeting of the board of supervisors? Or
should the board wait for the zoning administrator to issue an official

Write me at Thank you.


Believe it or not, there is at least one newspaper that spent a lot of
time discussing the actual principles of the free market economy and why
a government run job center for illegals is the wrong policy for this
high tech market driven area. They agree with my arguements or yours.
Thank you.


Please set aside Friday, September 23, from 7 to 9 p.m. for a special
event with Redskins legend Charles Mann. Please consider reserving today
for this special fundraising event at the Pacific Restaurant in the
Potomac Run Plaza. Thank you.

>>>Two Suspects In Custody After Two Daytime Armed Robberies

There was a lot of police activity in Sterling around the High Up this

Two men are in custody tonight and are considered suspects in two
daylight robberies that occurred within two hours of each other.

The men, who are both being interviewed at this time, were caught near
the Shell gas station on Route 7 in Sterling after an alleged attempted
robbery at the High-Up Food Mart in the Community Plaza. One of the men
was said to have brandished a firearm inside the convenience store
shortly before 4 PM but fled the scene without taking any money.

As deputies searched the area they discovered two men at the Shell gas
station who matched the descriptions of the suspects in the attempted

The men were taken into custody and would be placed in separate patrol
vehicles to be transported back to the Sheriff's Criminal Investigations
Division (CID) office in Leesburg to be interviewed about the attempted
robbery and their possible involvement in the robbery of the M&T Bank in
Leesburg earlier today. Around 6:15 PM a deputy arrived at the CID
office and attempted to remove one of the suspects from his patrol
vehicle when the man pushed open the door and fled the scene on foot
into the area of Heritage Square.

Members of the Sheriff's Office along with the Leesburg Police
Department immediately established a perimeter around the area and
called in for aerial search support from the Fairfax County Police
Department helicopter. Sheriff's Office K9 Units located the suspect
hiding in some bushes inside the established perimeter area
approximately one hour after he initially fled.

Both robberies remain under investigation by the Loudoun County
Sheriff's Office, the Leesburg Police Department and the FBI. Charges
are pending against both suspects.


Last week, Republican Candidate Jerry Kilgore jumped in the polls due to
his joining our small band opposing the illegal alien job center in
Herndon. Now comes Delegate Jeff Frederick, who I supported in his
successful ousting of former Political Boss and liberal despot Jay
Rollison, with demands to declare a state of emergency on the illegal
alien situation. Mr. Frederick is seizing the moment and helping to
advance this discussion.

>> Governor Warner urged to declare emergency in illegals crisis

By Christina Bellantoni, writer for THE WASHINGTON TIMES

State legislators said yesterday that Virginia is facing an immigration
crisis on par with Arizona and New Mexico and urged Gov. Mark Warner to
declare an emergency like the governors of those two states did last week.

Delegate Jeffrey M. Frederick, Prince William County Republican, has
asked Mr. Warner, a Democrat, to declare a state of emergency to stop
the influx of illegal aliens into the state. Mr. Frederick said that
even though Virginia does not share a border with Mexico, the state must
take such action to tap federal homeland security dollars to fund police
efforts to arrest illegal aliens and hand them over to federal
immigration authorities.

"They might be coming through Arizona, but they are landing here," Mr.
Frederick said. "It's getting out of control. We really need to do
everything we can and utilize every tool that's available to us."

Mr. Frederick, the only Hispanic member of the General Assembly, said
such a move would help stem the drain on taxpayer resources caused by
illegals who use public services, including hospitals. He still has
relatives in Colombia.

To see the rest of the article:

>>>>Senator Ken Cuccinelli Asks All Republicans To Work

Senator Cuccinelli wrote and asked "Please be sure to either hook up
with your local GOP committee or contact one of the campaigns directly
to get involved now. The summer is a tough time for a fundraiser, and
its a tough time to campaign, but you can never get the time back! You
can't "make it up" after Labor Day. Please get out there with our
Republican team to help do the hard work we need to sweep the three
statewide offices and win our many tough delegate races!" Thank you
Senator C. for the message of hope.

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