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Not a Penny for Roundabouts

October 1, 2005

I know I wrote you late last night. Several of you are meeting me in a
few minutes over at Delegate Dick Black's house. See you there.

I know its cold, so wear a sweater or work up a sweat. Thank you.

For the rest of you reading this now or later:


Some of you have also taken up the torch against the Dreaded Roundabout.
Thank you.

The award for First Citizen Response goes to Beth Machado of Sterling:

My husband and I were stationed in Germany for five years. We had the
opportunity to visit many European countries. Each city and even some of
the small towns had round-abouts (I call them traffic circles). Let me
tell you from experience - THEY DON'T WORK! We witnessed many accidents
to the entrance of the round-abouts because the people in the
round-abouts wouldn't give the people entering the round-abouts a break.
What ever happened to the good old fashion traffic light? I know that
there are a lot of red light runners, but traffic lights are far more
safe than round-abouts.


Barbara Munsey says

"The Rte 50 project was never designed to MOVE traffic..."

Ken Reid writes:

"I hope the Supervisors are successful in stopping the project..."

Bob Bosco:

"............What a waste of our tax dollars............"

Jack Shockey says

"......Must we continue to throw money down a rat hole for a few elitist

(Former BOS Chairlady) Dale Myers writes to friends:

"....I think Eugene is right on, and has good information in (his)email
to support his and other BOS members’ reasons for supporting their

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