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Black Lit Drop Saturday

September 28, 2005

I am writing to ask your help for Delegate Dick Black in his re-election
bid. Democrat liberals have been attacking Dick Black. The people who do
not want roads now want the man who delivers road to be defeated. I
guess that's one way to stop road building in Eastern Loudoun.

I know you want more roads built. Sooner not later. Mr. Black gets $200
million road improvments in 18 to 24 months instead of 18 to 24 YEARS.

Mr. Black is also a forthright pro-family leader who speaks out for the
pro-life and family causes like traditional marriage. He defends the Boy
Scouts and votes "no" on tax increases.


So, meet me at 10 a.m. at Dick Black's home this Saturday, October 1st.
Put on the walking shoes to help deliver CAMPAIGN LITERATURE to the
doors of neighbors.

Delegate Black's home is located at 20978 Flatboat Court in Sterling,
north of Route 7.
From Sterling Park Potomac View, right on Algonquian Parkway, left on
Whitewater, (past Lowes Island Blvd.), right on Longford, left, then
immediate right on Flatboat. Call 703-406-2951 if you are lost. I hope
to see you there. (note: Delegate Tom Rust who represents Sterling, has
no opponent).


The turnout at Friday's event was quite large. Thank you to all of you
who sent money, brought money or worked as volunteers. Thank you in
advance if you are sending money today too.

Thank you to VIP CELEBRITY Charles Mann who hugged me and called me his
brother. Wow.

Thank you to volunteers Joel, Mark, Cynthia, Julia, Callie, Donny, and
host Lou Cheng of the Pacific Rim restaurant.

The Delgaudio Re-election campaign raised a lot of money and we have a
good start on our 2007 budget. Over one hundred and twenty donors wrote
checks from $10 to over $1,000!

Thank you to these world champion (WC)sponsors:

Bruce Leinberger WC, Jack Shockey WC, Patricia Shockey WC, Christopher
W. Walker WC
Steven Peterson WC, Mr. Bill May WC, Lawrence V. Phillips, M.D. WC,
Sara Phillips WC
Jeff Sneider WC, James M. Weitzman WC

And thank you to these conference champions (cc)
Dale Myers CC, John Myers CC, Mr. Richard Mazzucchelli CC Mrs. Judith
Mazzucchelli CC Mr. William C. Ray CC and Mrs. Rose Ellen Ray CC

You may see some more people with orange hats since I presented 2 dozen
to children present and some VIPs.

>>>>Thank You from News Orleans To Good Shepard Alliance and You

To the citizens of Leesburg and Loudoun County, Virginia:

"We arrived in Loudoun County as Hurricane Katrina victims....."

>>> Sterlingfest, October 8, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Knights of Columbus Parade is an annual event in Sterling.

The parade schedule is as follows; All parade participants meet at Good
Samaritan's Council hall in Sterling at 9:15am. Most others assemble at
Park View High School. The parade starts at 10 AM at Park View High
School. They march from PVHS to the Barn. The actual marching time is
approximately 30 minutes and during the parade the marchers typically
throw candy to the crowd.

Sterlingfest is organized but slightly loud.

Regarding Sterlingfest, usualy 5,000 people wander around booths,
childrens rides and various vendors with food and talk to neighbors over
by Enterprise Street and the Firehouse where Rev. Charlie Grant is
usually the first old time Sterling VIP you see. Candidates and other
dignataries have tables too. From ten a.m. to 4 p.m. and I will be there
the whole time to help with any special tasks or errands you need me for.

Some photos posted at

>>> THANK YOU to Honor Roll Students and Business Donors

I am contacting area businesses for their participation in the honor
roll recognition program in which students in Sterling's Park View High
School and Sterling Middle School and homeschoolers and private schools
who make their respective Honor Rolls get extra encouragement in the
form of gift certificates. To those who helped last year: thank you.

Thank you for over $55,000.00 in gifts to the students from Virginia
Regional Transportation, Sterling Golf, Swim and Tennis Club, Chick
Fil-A (Sterling), Jerry's Subs and Pizzas (Sterling and Ashburn),
Ashburn Ice House, Ultra Zone Lazertag of Sterling, Pacific Rim
Restaurant, Papa Johns, Clubhouse Grill and Glory Days Grill. Hopefully
your company or someone you patronize will jump in and push these
students to stay on the honor roll.

>>>Tone Deaf on Federal Spending

The ABC Radio Network gave me a generous interview last week in which I
condemned the blank check federal spending to "repair" New Orleans. I
predicted New Orleans would be under water again and that came to pass
with last week's Storm Rita. I suggested that private investment would
restore parts of the city but that taxpayers in Sterling District do not
want to pay for restoring below sea level properties. Nor should others
be forced to pay that either.

Reason Express and now Senator Ken Cuccinelli have voiced agreement that
this kind of spending is getting out of hand and that boondoggles need
to be cut.

It is hard to believe that Louisiana actually expects to get some $250
billion in federal aid, including a whopping $40 billion for the Army
Corps of Engineers to make plots of land dry that by rights should be
under water.

That's on top of the $62 billion already allocated.

For perspective, the entire Corps budget for 2005 is just $4 billion.
Louisiana lawmakers propose nothing less than a total terraforming of
the state with the other 49 states footing the bill. If followed through
to its logical conclusion, this lavish rebuilding effort would make
Katrina the greatest thing to ever happen to the state of Louisiana.

This plan deserves a quick and merciful defeat in the House and Senate....

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