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October 13, 2005


Thursday, October 13th from 7:00pm â€" 9:00pm at the home of Brian and
Gwen Reynolds located at 21544 Glebe View Dr. Ashburn VA 20148. Come
enjoy the food, friends and show your support for the campaign.

Directions from Sterling: Take Rt. 7 West. Take a left at Belmont
Ridge Road/659 (near Xerox.) 4.7 miles you will need to make a left onto
Truro Parish Drive. Make a right onto Glebe View Drive. The house is
near the end of the street on the left hand side.

Regarding the DEBATE, see report further down.


It rained all day this past Saturday. The Republican volunteer rally
over at the Dulles Town Center was cancelled. The Knights of Columbus
cancelled their parade. And the outdoor festivities for Sterlingfest
were cancelled.


All of the stage productions were moved inside into the gym of the
Sterling Community Center and for 500 die hard attendees and
participants, we had Sterlingfest indoors from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


What was onstage: former supervisor Andy Bird (on trumpet) and his blue
ridge band, musical talent of all kinds, ballerinas, gymnists, clowns,
cloggers, singers, "dyno-might" puppets and the Sterling Playmakers
dominated. All of that talent and all of these Sterling Americans packed
into the Sterling Community Center. Virginia Department of
Transportation gave private briefings on the Sterling Blvd. interchange
in a tent in the rain next to Jerry's Pizza and Subs while owner Chris
prepared sandwiches all day. Chick Fila sold chicken sandwiches and
owner Peter gave away gift cards for free food. And the Sterling
Methodist's Boy Scout Troop sold a ton of cookies and cakes.


Sully Elementary School PTA and Forest Grove School PTA's raised money
for their respective planned playgrounds by selling things and the Park
View HS Patriots Football team sold raffle tickets for a motorcycle ($10
a chance). The Republicans and Democrats had tables next to each other.
It was a tremendous success in spite of the rain.

Another "Sterlingfest" is planned for the Spring, in April. All
participants in this one will be given a "free registration". So
Sterling will have 2 Sterlingfests in 2006.

>>>>October 19 Meeting on Sterling Boulevard Project

Thank you to all the gracious volunteers and county staff that are
working to keep the progress for Sterling going.

Local and state officials will provide an update on the Route
28/Sterling Boulevard interchange project at an informational meeting
scheduled for Wednesday, October 19, at 7:00 p.m. in the Quinn Room of
the Sterling Community Center, 120 Enterprise Street in Sterling.

All interested residents and representatives of local businesses are
encouraged to attend the meeting, where approved designs plans for the
interchange and associated road improvements will be on display.

In addition, representatives of the Sterling Foundation and the Loudoun
County Sanitation Authority will be on hand to present plans for
landscaping initiatives on Sterling Boulevard.


LINK churches are united (Baptist, Brethren, Catholic, Episcopal,
Fellowship, Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian) to supply groceries,
gift certificates, used coats and toys to over 4,000 needy men, women
and children during Thanksgiving and Christmas Events in Sterling and
Herndon Virginia. LINK serves about 2000 people at each event!

LINK IS asking for volunteers and summoning all elected officials to
come out and participate in these very emotional and gratifying
Thanksgiving and Christmas event experiences. You can register to
volunteer via e-mail or call Mark Gunderman @ 703-367-7410 (W) or

Please see classic LINK article by Loudoun Times Mirror Business Editor
George Gill.

>>> Roundabouts Will Increase Accidents

The result of these ill-conceived plans to build a $18 million
Roundabout in Gilberts Corner (Route 15 and route 50) is not in doubt:
Route 50 will become a more traffic-clogged, slower highway with higher
accident rates than today.


Delegate Dick Black scored a decisive victory in his debate with David
Poisson on Wednesday night at the Senior Center in Cascades. On issue
after issue, Delegate Black was able to show a record of achievement and
a clear course of action, while displaying a marked difference between
his views and those of his opponent. Here is a brief list of the main
issues dealt with during the nearly 2 hour debate.

It was amazing the contrast between a forthright conservative and a
liberal who claimed to be both liberal and non-liberal at the same time.

Taxes â€"

Delegate Black repeated his clear stand against higher taxes, especially
in light of the tremendous budget surpluses in Virginia, and
unequivocally stated his opposition to raising taxes.

David Poisson stated that he would support raising new taxes, including
the gas tax, to fund new and higher state spending.

Abortion â€"

Delegate Black reiterated his opposition to abortion and noted his
endorsement by the Virginia Society for Human Life.

David Poisson said he thought abortion was “a private matter between a
woman and her doctor,†and that government should not play a role in it.

Illegal Immigration and Day Labor Centers â€"

Delegate Black stated his opposition to the proposed Day Labor site in
Herndon and said he opposes the use of public money being used to fund a
support network for illegal immigrants. He thinks illegal immigration
is a serious problem that needs to be given a much higher priority at
the Federal, State, and Local level.

David Poisson would not answer the question directly, instead trying to
turn this into an issue of “big corporations†who take advantage of
illegal immigrants. Throughout his statement on this topic, Mr. Poisson
would not address day labor sites and whether or not he supports them.

Gangs and Gang Activity â€"

Delegate Black laid out a strong response to the rising threat of gang
activity in Loudoun County. He called for stronger enforcement efforts
to crack down on gangs, and advocated repeal of the ‘triggerman rule’
that prevents law enforcement officers from asking for the death penalty
for MS-13 gang leaders in Los Angeles who order the killing of Northern
Virginia police officers.

David Poisson mocked the idea of tougher penalties and stated, “the
single most common factor in kids in gangs is learning disabilities.â€
He gave no clear answer of how to deal with the problem except that he
thinks, “we all need to get involved.â€

Transportation â€"

Delegate Black pointed out the success story of his work to improve
Route 28 by replacing stoplights with interchanges, and for providing
funding to widen Route 7 to six lanes in Fairfax County from the
Loudoun/Fairfax Line to Reston Parkway. He stated he wanted to widen
Route 7 all the way to Tyson’s Corner, and supported bringing Metro to
Dulles, but reminded everyone that we have to be vigilant in keeping the
costs of that project under control.

David Poisson could come up with no new ideas on how to solve our
transportation problems except to say he supports the Dulles Rail
project and thinks we will probably have to raise taxes to pay for more


According to Paul and Milari Madison, Loudoun County is caught in a
quagmire that is perhaps failing public safety. The responsibility of
the Board of Supervisors and staff is to protect the public, above and
beyond, personal desires of alleged historic preservation. An
overwhelming crusade to save one building that does not satisfy the
definition of an historic structure, has jeopardized the historic
districts in Loudoun County. Paul and Milari Madison have asked the
circuit court to determine if the Waterford Historic District was
established in accordance with the state enabling laws. Should the
historic district be nullified, every landowner that has been harmed by
unlawfully applied ordinances, will have a legal standing to bring an
action against the county. A majority of Supervisors and County Staff
disagree. The Madisons continue to press their case. I have sided with
the Madisons on their recent appeals.


Like in August, I was in the national media again in recent days. Thank
you for the phone calls and emails. It is ironic that both liberals and
conservatives in the national news media are favorably (what?)
portraying my work. Fox TV News, ABC TV News, MSNBC, The Daily Show on
Comedy Central, Sam Donaldson, Hotline, Boston Globe, Dallas-Ft. Worth
Telegram, etc. etc. I promise to work harder and appreciate the
recognition. There was a time that "bad" or negative stories ran 50-50.
Today of 220 News Articles in News stories currently online (last 7
days), there are 219 "favorable" reports.

It is worth noting to you when a conservative leader, especially your
Sterling District Conservative, can get 219 favorable write ups in both
the conservative leaning and liberal leaning news media. I did not get
here without help, and I do not forget that. Ever.


If you missed one of my appearances on national news this week, a five
minute segment of Fox Network news featuring me is posted at

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