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Sterling: Trees, Bushes and Flowers

October 18, 2005

You want more trees and landscaping on Sterling Blvd.?

You got it.

>>>>October 19 Meeting on Sterling Boulevard Project

Thank you to all the gracious volunteers and county staff that are
working to keep the progress for Sterling going.

Local and state officials will provide an update on the Route
28/Sterling Boulevard interchange project at an informational meeting
scheduled for Wednesday, October 19, at 7:00 p.m. in the Quinn Room of
the Sterling Community Center, 120 Enterprise Street in Sterling.

All interested residents and representatives of local businesses are
encouraged to attend the meeting, where approved designs plans for the
interchange and associated road improvements will be on display.

In addition, representatives of the Sterling Foundation and the Loudoun
County Sanitation Authority will be on hand to present plans for
landscaping initiatives on Sterling Boulevard.

Just a reminder.

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