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Eugene's Meeting A Success

October 23, 2005

Susan Shaw is the lady who leads the massive improvements of Route 28.
She was there. Maureen Hein who is leading the five year plan for
landscaping Sterling Boulevard. Our Planning Commissioner Helena Syska
took pictures. And Helen Casey got a front row seat.

Many leaders, developers, engineers and citizens got another big briefing.

I just got back from the community briefing on the Sterling Boulevard
and Route 28 interchange plans. We had updates on the planned
landscaping of the Boulevard, and how the watermain is coming along. We
will go from 40 trees to hundreds of trees of all varieties.

And the engineers explained all the road building and new lanes and the
8 mile long watermain as well.

Construction should be starting on the intersection with dirt being
pushed this week. There will be a ceremony and you will be invited. And
the landscaping and interchange should be done by the Spring of 2007.
Thank you.


I thought I had heard everything in politics. For example the Washington
Post (PAGE 2) claims that your Sterling District Conservative
manipulates the news media. That's like Hillary Clinton claiming there
is a vast right wing conspiracy.

Last week a website and new group distributed thousands of flyers to
promote a protest of an 83 year lady's sale of her property to......
Loudoun Hospital.

What kind of person attacks an old lady assisting Loudoun Hospital.
There are hundreds of "elderly women" helping the hospital and
volunteering thousands of hours. Are they next? I hope not.

>>> Website, Flyers and Now a "Newspaper"?

At least one person read the anonymous flyers urging the stalking of an
83 old lady.

And it moved him, the male editor of the Loudoun Times Mirror, to join
in the attacks on the same lady. Nice going "Loudoun Times Mirror". They
even object to the Mother's son too. So they attack the mother for
having a son? Or they don't want mothers standing by their sons?

Among us new comers at least some of us know not to pretend we knew what
was going on before we got here.

While I know Sterling Park and what it looked like in 1977, there are
thousands who go back to 1961. We must all give respect to people, men
and women, who came before us.

I have come to know the values of Mrs. Shockey and she represents what
is great about our county and Sterling Park as well.

There are thousands of people in Sterling Park and in Loudoun who have
been here in the county for 30, 40, 50, and 60 years. They quietly hold
our society together.

Respect for your elders has been destroyed and undercut by some in the
liberal news media.

This is one occassion where an arrogant editor thinks trashing an old
woman for her politics or loyalty to her son will go without remark.

One thing about Sterling women or women like Mrs. Shockey with Sterling
values: they are not going to be insulted.

And now that the Loudoun Times Mirror has begun insulting an 83 year old
"Sterling" lady, they might expect a letter or phone call.

And, hold on here, some people will start praying for the editor too.
That might really annoy the poor liberal.

>>>Photos of Hazeltine Shockey as she is presented flowers
>>>by Eugene Delgaudio of Sterling District

>>>Editorial Attacking 83 Year Old Lady for being Jack Shockey's Mom

>>> a comment from Dale Polen Meyers

"In over 20 plus years of reading newspaper trash I have never read
anything as so low as this editorial."........

"I believe Mrs. Haseltine Shockey is one of the finest women I have ever
had the privilege to know, and I also know that Beth Miller my friend
would be honored to be recognized along side of Mrs. Shockey, because
both of these women knew that they children were the most important
thing in their lives." --Dale Polen Myers


If you missed my appearance on ABC News with news icon Sam Donaldson
last week, it is now posted at

Thank you Mr. Donaldson.

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