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Sterling Flocks to Damien, Mike, John, Roger, Bob, George, Julie, Marina, Susan, Nicolle, the entire GOP ticket

October 21, 2019

Delgaudio Restaurant Menu and Sample Ballot

I get asked "where do you eat". All chains of course! And during election time, I visit every restaurant at peak times to see everybody too. Everybody knows I frequent Joe's Pizza and Santinis of course. I do eat at Costco (free samples and Hot Dogs).

Lou Cheng hosted dozens of parties for Republicans at his Sterling resaturants and has re-located to South Riding (Chengs). Chick Fil A is daily. Mission barbecue devotes itself to all first responders and just arrived. I take VIPs to Joe's Breakfast on Church road as that is a distination place too. Do you have a favorite restaurant?
Let me know and I will visit.
(Yes, I do cook at home daily as well. Since I left the board of supervisors, I am making up for not eating regularly for 16 years).


I get phone calls, visits, emails, texts asking "who do you support" or "who are the republicans?" I support all these candidates listed on this ballot:

Here in Sterling you get to pick your own Supervisor: conservative Damien Katsirubas over socialist loving Koran Saines. pick your own school board member: Mike Neely over
extremist leftist Brenda Sheridan.

Our own Jimmy Singh and longtime friend of Sterling George Melik, and Sterling's Marina Schumacher are my choices for 3 spots on the Soil Board.
At large Delgaudio choices: Whitbeck (Chmn.) Whittman (C.A.), Zurn (Treas.), Wertz (Comm. of Rev.) Chapman (Sherf.) Sisson (School Bd., At-large), Fox (Senate) Drennan (Del.)

I am supporting all the other Republicans in their respective races. Keep in mind the Democratic party has nominated socialists, radical leftists, anti-American zealots for all their spots.

Mike Neely's Wife Has a special appeal at the end of this email. And I will match your 500 dollar donation!

Delgaudio Exposes U.S. Attornies Inaction To Defend Christians

I worked 3 years on obtaining a federal court order to obtain the names of staff working to protect Religious Liberty as ordered by President Trump and then-AG William Sessions.
Several national newspapers have reported this. Details of my finding as a result of that federal court order are posted at this link.

Bill Turgeon Memorial Service

The memorial service for Bill Turgeon, husband of school board member Jill Turgeon was Sat. Oct 19 at the LDS Church in Hamilton at 11:00 am. Viewing was Friday Oct 18 from 6 to 8 at hall Funeral Home in Purcellville. The obituary is linked Cards may be sent to Jill at 35793 Park Heights Circle, Round Hill, VA 20141.

Mike Neely's Wife Has a special appeal at the end of this email. And I will match your 500 dollar donation!

School Board PUSHING Bizarre Sexually Explicit "Books"

Loudoun County parents need your support this upcoming Tuesday, October 22nd! Many parents, some who are very nervous about public speaking in general, will be taking on the uncomfortable topic of sexuality themes and sexually explicit content in classroom books during the Public Comment period at the School Board meeting.

Equality Loudoun is working hard to round up activists to hold up signs and speak in favor of the raunchy books, claiming that to not support these materials is to be against diversity!

Please support Loudoun County parents by showing up to the school board meeting by 6:15PM wearing a green shirt. Find a seat as close to front and center as you can. The meeting begins promptly at 6:30PM. It is a comforting thing when one has to go before the school board to speak and there is a large group of supporters right behind!

The location of the meeting is at the LCPS Admin. Building, 12000 Education Ct, Ashburn, VA 20148. More info at


Since Mrs. Neely asks for help, I plan on donating. There are mailings, printing of brochures and ordering signs for the final push. Read her appeal. Donate and I will match your donation.

I am aware there are other candidates asking for donations.

If you, can please donate to Mike Neely. I will match $1 for $1 any donation you make up to $500 MORE, in addition to what I was planning to donate. Please tell me you are doing this if you donate. Thank you.

Thank you to those of you who donated already. Please consider donating again. Thank you.

Madeline Neely, Mother, Wife to Republican School Board candidate Mike Neely , and Accountant says:

"Sterling has not had a conservative representative on the LCPS School Board for the last 8 years, and with all the controversial policies such as pushing for and increasing the selection of sexually explicit books in the school libraries and school classrooms under the guise of "diversity," our family has decided to step up and take a stance.

My husband, Mike Neely, is running for school board. We are door knocking nearly every day because we believe this is a cause that's worth our time. Nearly 70% of Loudoun's budget goes towards schools and our tax dollars are being used to fund these awful books.

A majority of the people we've spoken with are in shock and awe at what's happening right under our noses........

We entered into this race to be the voice of Sterling, and with that, we have dedicated all of our efforts towards reaching out to as many people as we can........

If you couldn't make it and would still like to speak with us. Please feel free to call (202) 573-9547 or email He answers all calls and emails personally.

We are asking for you to help spread the word, volunteer, and donate. There's less than 3 weeks until election. We are almost there!" says Madeline


Mail, write A check to "Mike Neely for School board"
P.O. Box 650301
Sterling, VA 20165

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