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Senator Richard Black Announces Retirement, Washington Post Attacks!

January 2, 2019

Senator Dick Black a friend to all conservatives and to Sterling, Loudoun, Virginia and
all who desire freedom in the World, has announced today his plans to retire.

The Bull Elephant has posted the entire statement.

Eugene Delgaudio responds to Senator Black's Retirement Announcement

Dick Black did 50 years of PUBLIC SERVICE. That s not the same as "public office" (see Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, et al) but serious combat in Vietnam and JAG lawyer and defender of American values out in the open glare of real public policy or policy making. We have only begun to tribute Senator Dick Black.

The fights Black took on are legendary and extremely significant to the formation of local, state, national and, in recent years, world policy.

There's a whole lot of talk about "service" but when you count the chips Dick Black had at the political gaming tables, he invested seriously often risking his life and not just his reputation.

And when Dick Black won-- the whole world and his district benefited big time.

ISIS targeted him for his foreign policy views which are the single most important impact Black had on world affairs to date. But is was his letters and comments on Syria that drew the ire of Establishment sell-outs and those views are now shared by President Donald Trump, many other policy wonks and many patriotic Americans who comprehend the complexities of tactical logic and who are not exactly fans of neo-conservative world conquest.

I can list the 1000s of times Dick Black routinely helped citizens, did fantastic coalition work, spoke against socialism and took decisive action to help people in his district-- it is book length. His wife Barbara, daughter Michele, son in law Mick, and his entire staff stand as helping angels to the Guardian Angel Dick Black-- see my untouched photo of the halo direct above Dick Black's head here as he stands with Ollie North at the late Pat Mullins retirement roast. Black shined in the darkness that is today's liberal domination of all media.

End of Delgaudio Statement also posted on Bull Elephant.

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