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April 27, 2018

Eugene Delgaudio, Trump National Alternate Delegate says : "I support Shak Hill and here's a wonderful testimony from another Trump backer, Patti Lyman."

My roots in the 10th district run very deep, starting with my grandfather moving to Leesburg in 1932 as a foreman stringing the very first general telephone lines in Loudoun County. Later, I was raised in McLean. I am appalled at the disaster that is Barbara Comstock, and I urge every decent voter to resoundingly vote her out in the June 12 primary.

As an attorney practicing immigration and constitutional law for over 20 years, I find Comstock's ignorance of executive power and her complete disrespect for our immigration laws to be a danger to public safety. Comstock's dogged opposition to any meaningful enforcement of federal law in favor of spouting pandering pablum about "a nation of immigrants" is galling, especially since the illegal aliens she is determined to protect, including criminal aliens, are not even "immigrants". When our President took perfectly legal and constitutional steps to protect this nation with a timeout to implement "extreme vetting", Comstock fought him tooth and nail and made grandstanding appearances surrounded by those screaming "bigot" and "racist".....just like a Democrat.

Comstock is no champion of women. For years she has been aware of sexual improprieties and even assaults on subordinates by her House colleagues, but instead of exposing it, she assisted with doling out settlements with public money and protecting the perpetrators. Her recent noises following public revelations mean nothing when one knows how long she was an enabler.

Most importantly, her most egregious betrayal of the 10th was her attention-seeking abandonment of candidate Trump in 2016 just one month before the election, a truly despicable stunt which in fact constituted tangible assistance to Hillary Clinton. Comstock continues to incessantly seek the limelight by opposing the Trump agenda; my greatest fear is that she is determined to vote to impeach President Trump. Of all her acts of betrayal, that would be the most unforgivable. I urge the 10th to deny her that chance.

I thank God that a pro-American, Air Force Academy grad, combat pilot, and conservative patriot named Shak Hill has bravely stepped into the breach, not only to fight his opponent Comstock but to take on the entire liberal and Never Trump Republican-establishment against him. We saw what happened last fall when RPV shoved through an anti-Trump, non-conservative nominee; we cannot afford to repeat that in the 10th.

I wholeheartedly endorse Shak Hill in the Republican primary, and I applaud his passion and courage to be, as Teddy Roosevelt said, "the man in the arena".

Patti Lyman, Esq.
Constitutional and Immigration Attorney
Conservative Activist
Trump Supporter

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