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Delgaudio: Republicans Should Not Delete Creed: That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation.

March 22, 2018

LONG VERSION of letter to Republican State Central Committee

Dear Fellow Republican,

I am writing about Fredy Burgos, a Christian writer.

The media is burning with many things to respond to:

Facebook is in the news (tv, twitter and drudge) as a tool of the Obama administration and for selling its personal data to political campaigns. But the Virginia State Central Committee is focused on one facebook post promoting a preference for Christians and moral people to run for public office.

But from the number of you signing the ouster petition for Fredy (who I have only recently gotten to know) many of you have not read or don't believe your own Virginia Republican Creed applies to an actual God-fearing Chrsitian:

"That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation."

Without going past the headlines:

Hillary Clinton visiting India has attacked all women who are married to Republicans and called all Trump supporters racists. An opportunity for you to march in the streets in response. But that's not on your agenda on Saturday, is it.

Mike Pence gets attacked weekly for BEING MARRIED TO THE SAME WOMAN FAITHFULLY.

Abdrew McCabe was fired Friday for various wrongdoing, including the fact his wife who ran against Dick Black in Loudoun County, (a county that FBI agents call "hillybilly country") with 700,000 dollars from Hillary Clinton and friends but you all are silent. No public condemnation of McCabe or salute to his firing.

Socialism in the form of medicaid expansion is on the table thanks to Republican endorsed candidates in the Virginia House voting for it. And county committees like Loudoun and others are requesting Republicans to not back socialism.

But none of you are in the news on that topic.

You may have attempted to be in the news, or John Whitebeck may have issued statements on all of the above but the issue for me: what actually gets out to the rank and file like me. What actually are you doing to fight the horrible wall to wall persecution of Christians and attacks on Republicans and those of us who profess to be Christian?

Again, you may not understand this: but its clear from the silence in the media from the Virginia Republican State Central Committee that your membership is not capable of dealing with the current political challenges. "Make it all go away" seems the mantra.

But you are considering silencing Fredy Borgos as item ten on Saturday in an attempt to "make it all go away". It will not succeed. All those liberals will continue on attacking conservatives, Christians, Mike Pence, subverting Virginia elections, and persecuting Christians.

As many of you know, for 16 years I served Sterling as Supervisor in Loudoun County. I was re-elected four times. The district is 60 per cent minority, with a majority of residents being Asian, Black or Hispanic by race. The relgious beliefs are also diverse with a 10 per cent muslim population.

In 1977 (not a typo) in Queens, New York City, I ran a successful campaign for Rabbi Sheldon Farber to win a State Senate district in a ten to 1 Democratic Party registration dominated district. This was a critical seat to give the Republicans a majority in the New York Senate which endured for years.

This business of calling people bigots for their Christian beliefs has been around since Barry Goldwater, accused of being Jewish, ran for President in 1964.

Liberals get genuinely destructive of good men or good women - no matter their religious beliefs-- running for public office.

In the age of Donald Trump, it has only gotten worse as 24 hours a day there are attacks on him and his family.

And Christians are the focus of daily assaults as well which I attempt to defend. If you have doubts, call me or just read any of 36 federal legal briefs I have asked to be prepared defending Christians, (partial list posted here):

In 1964, I was nine years old, I read the newspapers (no internet) daily including the New York Times. Liberals in both the Republican Party in New York and in Washington of both major parties, were attacking conservative Goldwater for being Jewish, among many other lies.

I worked for Goldwater and was active very young and have worked for many candidates since 1964 but I have not forgotten the actual real bigotry against Jewish people.

According to Barry Goldwater, himself:

When Senator Barry M. Goldwater ran for the presidency in 1964 there were nationally- syndicated columnists who wrote that the Arizona Republican was hiding the fact that he was Jewish. In GOLDWATER, an autobiography written in 1988, the senator wrote: "Neither my father nor any of our family ever took any part in the Jewish community. We never felt or talked about being half Jewish since my mother took us to the Episcopal church. It was only on entering the power circles of Washington that I was reminded I was a Jew. I never got used to being singled out in that way. My answer was always the same. I'm proud of my ancestors and heritage. I've simply never practiced the Jewish faith or seen myself or our family primarily of the Jewish culture. In the jargon of today's sociologist, we've been assimilated. We're American."

Link to actual admission by Barry Goldwater about his Jewish heritage

I have reviewed the many statements of Fredy Burgos and they all provoke a response or discussion. Borgos is a writer who seems to always get in trouble, like any political writer.

His embrace of prefering Christians is not a disqualifier for Republican State Central Committee. (It is in your creed).

I prefer Christians as candidates and always have but that preference does not interfere with working with candidates of all Religious beliefs or representing people of extremely diverse races and religious beliefs. From talking to Fredy he says the same.

If you remove Fredy Burgos for having a preference for Christians as candidates or quoting John Jay it will be considered part of a purge of strong Christians who simply stand for their beliefs under all circumstances.

In my case, you know I did not ask or ever discriminate against anybody. This life-long practice did not stop the Washington Post, some small minded bloggers who have never walked a precinct or missed drinking a beer at 5 p.m. daily, from attacking me as a religious bigot. All you have to do is google my name to see that.

Where would each of us be if not for the writers who wrote against the King of England for liberty?

I certainly did not ask about religious beliefs or someone's race or even sexual orientation when I ran up and down stairs and sidewalks for the past 50 years.

(Many of you have seen me walk up and down Cleveland, Ohio stadium staircases for days at a time-- 20 miles in one day-- at the 2016 Republican Convention bringing guests to be seated in the Virginia delegation)

I am painfully aware that none of my sincere efforts to elect or help Republicans will be saluted by my anti-Christian and anti-Republican critics at the Washington Post, and the respective special interest lobbies (the ACLU, the SPLC, the DNC, and the homosexual lobbies).

In spite of my thousands of posts at my own website, youtube, twitter and facebook, I have thousands of attacks in return from liberals on their respective websites, twitter, youtube and facebook. Is this a distraction to electing Republicans or simply the option to engage and debate that you all lack?

Have you actually missed the lesson of the election of 2016 that we all need to know, that confrontation is the history of our successful existence and societal progress?

The late Jeff Bell, who I knew for 40 years, and recently passed on, wrote a tremedous book detailing the long history of humankind and how SOCIAL CONSERVATISM was the sustaining value of the past few hundred years that united societies in the entire world -- he wrote about historic conflicts and movements in Europe and elsewhere: "The Case for Polarized Politics: Why America Needs Social Conservatism". I recommend this book for historic perspective over the course of "recent" political history.


Eugene Delgaudio

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