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March 1, 2018

Dear Genuine Patriot,

I am no slouch when it comes to getting news coverage. I am still finding television,
Network news reports, other publications reporting on me and updating "Eugene In the News" over my efforts to defend religious liberty in recent days.

Partial list! Screenshots of 100s of News Reports on Eugene in the news

Put that aside for a minute.

America is being torn apart by violent leftists who hate US and hate all police and law enforcement. Yet they also want to disarm US too.

Some big name Conservatives are arriving here to help you and me to fight the Swamp.

A genuine national celebrity, Ron Maxwell, is backing SHAK HILL Sunday in nearby Leesburg.

He is hosting a party Sunday. I will be there with my bride Sheila.

The Los Angeles Times says about Ron Maxwell:

"Ron Maxwell created the most ambitious Civil War movies ever made."

Ron Maxwell took thousands of cast members and in the nearby historic fields of Virginia produced several films documenting and explaining the forces in the Civil War from both the North and the South in a factual manner.

"Gods & Generals" is the prequel to the movie "Gettysburg". "Gods & Generals" was adapted from the novel of the same name. It is the most comprehensive major movie on the war between the states.


With Copperhead, another great movie, director Ron Maxwell, who with "Gettysburg and Gods and Generals" established himself as America's foremost cinematic interpreter of the American Civil War, takes on the War from a stunning and unexpected and richly, unforgettably humanist angle.


Ron Maxwell is no revisionist but a careful conservative who presents Americans in a thoughtful, patriotic and truthful manner.

Millions of Americans value his contributions and in recent years many of us have learned of his political conservative credential as he has taken on liberals in both major parties coast to coast.



Look, the 10th isn't an easy district.

And we can't afford to be sending a sure-fire losing candidate against the Democrats in November.

And Barbara Comstock is a sure-fire, losing candidate. Recent polls show her at 32% approval in the district, and losing to the generic Democrat by 10 points!

And even if she did win, she'd continue to undermine Donald Trump because she is a proven Never Trumper. How is that different from any of the 11 Democrats anyway?

We need a REAL Republican. One who can keep our base together and aggressively defend the seat, working harder than the Democrats. Shak Hill is that candidate. That's why I'm supporting him in the June 12 primary against Barbara Comstock.

Shak knows the value of our history, our constitution, our Bill of Rights. Most importantly, he isn't in it for himself. He's in it for us. That's such a refreshing change from Rep. "Look at me" Comstock.

That's why I decided to headline a fundraising event for Shak this Sunday, in Leesburg (site of one of the historical statues Barbara refuses to defend), from 5-7 PM. I'd like you to join us.

Let's talk about preserving our history, supporting our President's agenda, and keeping the district red. Come this Sunday and see what all the excitement is about.


Ron Maxwell

use this link to RSVP NOW

or tell steve: RSVP:
An Evening with Ron Maxwell - Writer-Director of the Motion Picture Gettysburg
The home of Jeff Phillips
324 W. Market St.
Leesburg, VA
Hosted by Ron Maxwell and Jeff Krizan
Sunday, March 4th
5 pm - 7 pm

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