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Delgaudio Rally Success: Pro-life Giant Abby Johnson Backs Shak Hill

February 6, 2018

"Thank you to the giant turnout last Thursday including celebrities David Denholm, the most senior conservative political leader in the Washington,D.C. region who has been critical of government employee waste for 50 years, and my Trump running mate Howie Lind former candidate for the U.S. Senate and Congress.

Honored that a pro-life giant joins the Shak Hill campaign following my giant rally," says Eugene Delgaudio.

Abby Johnson, Former Planned Parenthood Director Turned National ProLife Advocate, Endorses Shak Hill for Congress

Centreville, VA - Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director who has since become an outspoken Pro-Life Advocate, author and who started the ministry "And Then There Were None," which helps abortion clinic workers quit their jobs in the industry and find hope, healing and life-affirming jobs, endorses Shak Hill for U.S. Congress.

"I was thrilled to meet Shak at an event in Gainesville, VA recently," Johnson said, "It is rare to meet an individual running for office on a totally pro-life platform who has literally "walked the walk." I've learned that it is one thing to be pro-life in theory and word, but it's another to be pro-life in action and everyday life, especially when it requires personal sacrifice. Shak's personal life is a testament to his public commitment to respect life in all stages, all ages, and all circumstances. He is real. He has been tested. This is important to me, and should be important to the voters of the Virginia 10th; how a person lives personally is a good indication of how they will vote and live publicly. Character matters. Experience matters. Values matter. I am honored to give my endorsement to Shak Hill as he opposes Congresswoman Comstock in the Virginia Primary."

Shak Hill responded, "I am humbled and grateful for Abby Johnson's endorsement. She is a living example of what it looks like putting your pro-life beliefs into action. It is important for people who fight for the pro-life movement publicly to also to live it personally. My campaign is a campaign of conservatives. Day after day we see evangelical conservatives, America-First conservatives, and liberty conservatives coming on board. Abby's support helps us motivate our base behind my pro-life platform and we are seeing real support coming in because of it."

Shak and his wife Robin are the proud parents of six children, two of whom are biological, and 4 of whom are siblings that the Hills adopted. They have also been foster parents to 46 children and refused to abort one of their biological children when Robin was diagnosed with cancer, from which she has since recovered.

Shak Hill is a candidate for Virginia's 10th Congressional District, a businessman, and an Air Force combat veteran.


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