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Better days are ahead of us as far as politics, but yesterday is a valley.

November 8, 2017

Republicans lost in Virginia BIGLY Tuesday, Nov. 7 2017 even with your best effort.

Thank you for voting and our work to recover begins today.

Republicans lost all 3 statewide offices (Governor, Lt. Gov., Attorney General) and
possibly the House of Delegates. Only David La Rock won re-election in the Northern Virginia area (Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Loudoun, Prince William). (See links to results below).

Attempting to mobilize against better funded opponents and to organize against
a larger political machine is an up hill battle and I have always recommended and
sponsored training for that challenge for 45 years.

I even go some of those classes still, myself! (Back to the drawing boards they used to say).

Better days are ahead of us as far as politics, but yesterday is a valley.

I don't know all the answers to your questions but I know somebody who does. You probably know him too.

God has always had a role to play and to the degree He was or is not heeded we are all in

Thank you for all you already do for me and for conservative victory. Thank you to all the candidates who did their best. We all have to do better.

Personally, I was in the minority of one against 8 Democrats so fighting liberal majorities can be fun and productive and I built a majority from the ground up twice.

For you newbies: 8 years of my 16 years on the board of supervisors was in the minority.

Republicans need to be more conservative and return to their roots of conservatism and be more outspoken. Silence on our core issues never works. Ask President Trump. Or just follow him on Twitter.


Election results are posted on the Loudoun County website and the Virginia state board of elections websites respectively.

Loudoun County Election returns.

Virginia State Election Returns by District, County or Office.

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