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Vote Republican Before Democrats or their Extremist Allies do more damage to US or you and your neighbors!

November 6, 2017

Please vote the Republican Ticket Tuesday, November 7.

There is a Republican delegate candidate in every district in Sterling and in Virginia.

And there is a full slate of 3 candidates for Governor, Lt. Gov. and Attorney General.

Vote for them all.


I have spoken to many of you for years. This past election 2016 and now this entire year each of us has directly experienced or been informed by this newsletter from me of
attacks on Christians, attacks on our American flag, calls to violence, and the necessity to defend ourselves and condemn it.

This is the most violent period in American political history with the frequent shootings of Christians, police officers, other innocents, caused by irresponsible specific calls for violence around the clock by Democratic party leaders in office, in the media and in Hollywood.

Even the national football league and sports channell have become leftist propaganda tools to tear down our national anthem and our patriotic values.

They all cheer masked mobs of Antifa thugs who attack anyone not masked. Or the liberals ignore liberal corruption, the leftist calls for violence, and incidents that
expose the violent nature of liberals in this country.

Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and their entire team including the current Democratic Governor candidate bluntly use language daily to call for, endorse, or promote the cause of violence. I am not going to list all their various rantings here.

The most recent call to portray and incite violence against Republicans and patriots was the Latino Victory Pac video which falsely portrayed a Republican hunting down children.

This video eclipses any other dark chapter in political propaganda.

As I have said: it is liberal Democrats who ochestrate, arrange, create and promote the mass killing of Republicans, Trump, babies, and innocents of every nationality.

Sadly, it was an refugee DACA alien who killed a local teen age Muslim girl. Sadly it was a "Diversity Lottery" immigrant who killed many in New York City last week.

And it is liberals who twist our laws, that 22 year old DACA alien who killed was treated as a "teen" under Obama's executive order! And that mass murderer in NYC was a radical
muslim who would have been kept out by President Trump's travel ban.

There has never been a greater reason for you to vote in an election as Tuesday, November 7.


If you are helping candidates or a candidate, that is great.
They all need help with get out the vote efforts, donations, and poll watching.

Wally Bunyea the district chairman needs a call if you can work Tuesday. Write
him or call him 703-421-1971 to invest 2 hours at a poll in

My legal team and singers on the scene now

Through my crack legal team, I filed an amicus brief defending the right for
a Christian baker to decide if he can faithfully follow Godly values without
homosexuals forcing him to bake a cake for them. That brief is available here
at this link.

I also hosted the top conservative political singing group in the world, the
Free the Cake Baker Squad and posted a video that has 17,000+ views now here

Join me when you can. After you vote Tuesday!

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