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Eugene Delgaudio Endorses Corey Stewart for Governor

June 12, 2017

Dear Fellow Conservative

I know many of you are getting tons of mail from the establishment and the slick campaign of insider Ed Gellespie.

I offer my endorsement of Corey Stewart for Governor. As I told a giant rally at Bungalow Lake House there is only one Republican who led the fight for reducing the number of illegal alien criminals in the Virginia region.

I know you are busy.

You are busy paying for the socialist welfare boondoggle required to feed millions of freeloaders feasting at the public trough as your tax and health bills skyrocket.

Please allow me to tell you that victims are knifed in broad day light and at night regularly in Sterling and Virginia.

The news media used to cover them and reveal the perpetrators as "illegal aliens". No more of that my friend.

Now the major media never mentions any "national" origin for political puruposes, so no one is offended.

Only a united public leadership by myself together with Corey Stewart at the lead ended this reign of terror from mobs of illegal aliens in the past. Just because the media does not tell you does not mean it ended. This mayhem continues!

Yes, we had cooperation at the national, state and local levels in that period.

Then-president Barrack Obama reversed all of that in a short time and our current Democratic Party has reversed it and together with other weak minded liberals opened the flood gates again.

We elected a president, Donald Trump, who simply followed in this example that Corey Stewart set for all Republicans. Only firm leadership against illegal aliens can restore Republican victory and ensure the survival of our nation.

Yes, sadly, there are Republicans who allow the rape, pillaging, theft, murder, violence of rampant illegal aliens who are welcomed daily here in Sterling and the USA. These "open border" Republicans join with others still in power to fight the ending of illegal alien immigration once and forever.

These "open border" Republicans are quite proud of their "political position" and occupy the highest positions throughout the entire Republican Party and they routinely take to the airwaves crowing- boasting- about their misguided destruction of our nation.

This defeatist and dangerous mentality grips the same Republicans when confronted with the wholesale destruction of monuments to dead war veterans from the Civil War. And one day soon, these same Republicans will allow the destruction of tributes to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the brave man and discoverer of America:
Christopher Columbus.

I will stop here with this brief endorsement of Corey Stewart for Governor. Your vote is to restore sanity in Virginia.

The polls are open 6 am to 7 pm Tuesday June 13 and I am asking you to vote for Corey Stewart for Governor. Thank you.

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