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Today is 18th Anniversary of Delgaudio Victory in Sterling, America

May 22, 2017

Today is the anniversary of my upset victory for the Republican nomination for Sterling Supervisor 18 years ago on May 22, 1999.

Thank you for voting for me and supporting me over the years.

I fight for you and fight for our values.

America has another Delgaudio style hero, President Donald Trump, and Loudoun political and business leaders were told
bluntly that comparison by a senior Virginia Journalist, Jeff Shapiro. Thank you Mr. Shapiro.

In 1999 and today, I fight unceasingly for lower taxes, an end to wasteful spending, abolishing non-essential government programs, religious liberty and ending taxpayer subsidies to political propaganda and corporate socialist chronies.

I fight for enforcing the law and respecting our law enforcers, ending the drunk drivers destruction on our streets, reducing illegal alien overcrowding, reversing illegal alien gangs who kill and rob on our streets. I fight for enforcing zoning to keep our quality of life upwards and not down, to outlaw public beggers, to get tall grass cut and a long list of crazy anti-social practices ended.

I fight for Christians and moral values embraced by all religious groups who wish for the freedom to practice their traditional values and condemn the criminal abuse of young people and men and women who simply want the freedom to worship without attack.

Join me in this fight on the 18th anniversary of my upset victory against the odds. It is my promise to fight as always on your behalf.

Donate if you can of course. It will take funds to keep the signs up, the flyers at the doors, and the people who print these signes and flyers will need money to pay them. The Post Office expects their stamps to be purchased in advance too.

Here's example of this years budget (Governor's election)
Signs $1,000
Flyers $2,000
Letters $2000
Postage $3,000

I estimate costs for this year to total $8,000.00. I am aware there are many demands on your time and effort but I offer 16 years and thousands of hours of my time as evidence that my fighting for you is worthwhile.

Imagine the time it takes for the liberal Washington Post to attack me 576 times and 27 reporters assigned to me and carefully, by hand, examining the garbage bags I place at the curb weekly.

So please consider a check for $1,000, $500 or $250. If you can send $100, $150 or $100. Or send at least $50, $25 or whatever you can.

This is the address to send the donation: Friends of Delgaudio, P.O. Box 1222 Sterling, Va. 20167.

Or use your credit card here at this link.

Thank you in advance for your support as always. Thank you for any donation in any amount. You get the best result for any donation of any size as I ask volunteers to do most of the work in campaigning. Of course, I always work long hours and along with my family members who have always been there during 16 years of public service and political work.

Together with you and a small army of volunteers and family, we have accomplished a lot. Let's fight for Sterling and America as always.


Hon. Eugene Delgaudio
Sterling, Virginia

Not in coordination with any other candidate or committee. Authorized and paid for by Eugene Delgaudio (repeat)

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