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Delgaudio Warns School Board And Financial Disaster Befalls Loudoun As Predicted

January 9, 2017

5:30 p.m. Tuesday December 13, 2016


Dear Loudoun County School Board members,

For the record, please do not pass regulations requiring children to be propagandized

about sexual orientations at all ages.

This will cause an increase in the school budget no matter what you are being told by advocates who insist quite emphatically there is no cost involved.

First find out what the costs are to the hundreds of school districts that are attempting to figure this out nationwide.

Ask New York City how much they spend on dedicated "gay schools" built just for that one sexual orientation. Millions of dollars on operations, capital spending, administration, legal actions etc. That's Loudoun's future on a smaller scale of course.

Since there are many (52 to 160?) sexual orientations in various definitions from these same advocates, expect the special counselors required in each school district to mushroom. Again check the major cities that follow this madness.

Since you do have a financial strain each and every year -- and maybe at most meetings of the School Board-- a particular proven and recent discovery should interest you in particular.

I am NOT referring to the John Hopkins University reports and studies that have caused the various special interests to be angry with that institution in which major studies disprove the existence of a gay gene.

I am refering to the fact that President Obama misrepresented the "chorus" of demands from impacted transgendered students. I filed a Freedom of Information action in May of 2016 and the results from this legal action resulted in my finding six (6) students nationally (nationwide) who had complained to the President.

I am not writing tonight to ask you to review 500 pages of my legal action's results.

Let me summarize in a few sentences. In the United States of America, the false narrative that this impacts more than six students "suffering" from some form of transgender issue is clear from thousands of school districts.

This complete fraud by President Obama clearly demonstrates no need to take the risk of spending so much time and money.

Please expect a new Trump Administration to quickly reverse this directive from the Justice Department and the Education Department as the entire basis of the "directive" was six impacted students.

If you have time (I know this is hard from my 16 years on the Board of Supervisors) please read my release Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016 as President of Public Advocate here titled with associated links and worksheets for reviewing 500 pages.

quote "Legal Action Exposes: President Lied About "Complaints" on Transgender Policies

Public Advocate Exposes Obama Transgendered Bathroom Fraud

"Not Chorus, not even Octet" says Group Head" unquote


Hon. Eugene Delgaudio (2000-2015, retired)

Former Supervisor, Loudoun County, Sterling District

and (for disclosure)


Public Advocate


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