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Happy New Year, the "error" of the Obamas and Clintons is Over

December 31, 2016

Statement of Eugene Delgaudio January 1, 2017

My fellow Americans,

Yes, I know error is supposed to be spelled era.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

This year was very special and the defeat of Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill, stands as a 20 year goal that I worked on personally with great devotion since 1996.

Most so-called informed Republicans told me frequently that I should not be negative. The Washington Post frequently attacked me in headlines over this "extremism". They are all proven wrong now.

Bringing up the truth that Hillary Clinton is corrupt is never wrong.

That President-elect Donald Trump "attacked" using truthful assertions about the Clinton corruption is to his credit. From the guy who wore an orange hat who was lambasted for confronting the Clintons, a special thank you to the guy with the red hat (Make America Great Again) for doing what America demanded.

Ironically, the "watchdog" mainstream media and most "informed" Republicans opposed this honest stand and today most still shy from being critical of the Clintons or the Obama Administration's many crimes. These Clinton stooges and Clinton apologists in both parties are just as corrupt or misguided (politely speaking) as the Clintons.

Thank you for the fantastic honor of representing you as your congressional district reps to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

I worked hard and more than one party leader observed: "key floor leaders in Cleveland wore bright orange hats but Delgaudio was born with a bright orange hat."

It was my fourth time as a Virginia delegate to a GOP national convention. Very different
from my 16 years as a Supervisor, but I always avoided "double dipping" and never served as both a party leader or public official at the same time. I believe you can not fairly be both a party leader and public official at the same time.

That is just my quaint or traditional grass roots thinking as it is, from my youth.

I have great memories all year from my visits with many of you on the phone, at the
district and state conventions and 100 great Virginians at Cleveland GOP convention.

I have called and visited many in recent days and even use the old fashioned door to door
and hand written letters method.

It is wonderful to see old friends, allies and even the opposition who need some closure.

Thank you for the likes comments or other ding dongs on Facebook or Twitter.

I see more decorations up this year than ever before from my count (see link) and they
are still up today.

Hope to see you soon and yes, there is a lot of work for me and you to do locally, in Virginia and
in Washington this January 2017.

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