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Election Day 2016 is here in Sterling, Virginia Tuesday 6 AM - 7 PM

November 3, 2016

As your Republican National Convention alternate Delegate, I have been fighting the lies
of President Barrack Obama, promoting the defeat of Hillary Clinton and posting
giant billboards for Donald Trump.

Some details of the news articles, and attacks by the Virginia Democratic Party,
follow the local GOTV (get out the vote) at the end.

Also at the end of this letter is a link for free food for Vets on Veterans Day.


I need some help on Election Day.

It is my custom to be at Forest Grove Elementary School one other school.

If you can visit with me and help hand out sample ballots at Forest Grove,
please let me know.

Forest Grove Elementary School 46245 Forest Ridge Drive Sterling, Va. 20164
(one block from Lincoln Road or Crestview Drive.)

And if you want to volunteer at another school let me or Wally (see below) know.


GOP Chairman Wally Bunyea Told Me:

I need more Republican volunteers to staff, as volunteers, all the polling precincts on Tues, Nov 8th.

Most Republicans have busy schedules,..... but we NEED YOU! Take a day off, or at least give an hour or two.

Help keep our elections honest. Volunteer to sit inside as a poll watcher behind an ID checker.

Or, pass out candidate literature and/or sample ballots recommending a YES vote on the two proposed Virginia Constitutional Amendments:
Q1 - people can't be FORCED to join a union, and
Q2 - tells police, firemen, and emergency rescue personnel that we have their backs. (Localities can exempt their spouse from real property taxes - if they are killed in the line of duty).

If you can help, call me at home: 703-421-1971. If I don't pick up, leave a message (I work too). Tell me which voting place/precinct you can help cover, which job, and which hours. Details below.

I'll get back to you this weekend.
Wally (703-421-1971 )


Dennis and Andrew and James and William have been working for months.

Juanita needs your help every day Sat. Sun. Mon and Tuesday too. The Trump HQ is located next to the Safeway in the Countryside Shopping Center opposite the Dulles Town center.

If you know anyone who would like to help staff our LCRC Victory Office at 42 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Sterling, VA (in the same block as the Safeway and CVS, and directly between Mathnasium and Super Cuts), please direct them to Juanita.

Juanita Balenger
Loudoun County Field Director
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
703.731.1032 (M)


Candace says "The online training will be hosted by Chris Marston who is the lead attorney for the statewide Election Day Operations I am also participating in the training with Chris.

This is the final training session. They will be held via online conference call -- there is a video component, but participants can choose to just dial in with a phone and will still have a meaningful training experience.

We also plan to have a final update call for all poll watchers on Sunday, 11/6 at 8 PM.

The LAST training online conference call IS scheduled for: Saturday, 11/5 at 4 PM

We ask that those intending to participate register in advance using this Google Form - When it asks if you have been assigned just click YES because after the training we will assign you a precinct. "

CONTACT Candace Strother at this email:


There are many ways to honor former servicemembers on Veterans Day - parades, salutes, all-you-can eat pancakes or a free hot cup of (G.I.) joe.

To mark Veterans Day on Nov. 11, restaurants around the country are offering free or discounted food. Some offers are strictly for vets; others include active-duty and retired troops.

partial list

Impeachment Awaits Hillary Clinton in Congress Now

This online advertising petition drive has been waged in Loudoun County reaching 100,000 in the past week and millions nationally for months and is even now being discussed daily in Congress.

Delgaudio reaching millions - coming to aid of North Carolina's Women and Children Now
A full report on my social media campaign to win a key state opposing Obama's transgender policies

Hear the Broadcast:

American Family News Radio Broadcast: Delgaudio's Probe of Obama Bathroom Policy (1 min)

800+ Comment on CNS News: Obama's Trans Bathroom Fraud Exposed: No 'Growing Chorus' to Desegregate Bathrooms Exist

Virginia Democrats Attack Delgaudio In Final Election Assault

I defended -- on Twitter-- Elizabeth Schultz, a Trump supporter active on Twitter and serves as Fairfax County School Board who was being attacked for her pro-Trump "tweets". So they turned around and attacked both of us. (warning: this is a liberal extremist Democrat blog)

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