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Loudoun County Citizens Demand School Board Member Joy Maloney's Resignation Following Her Arrest

August 3, 2016

LCRC Calls for Broad Run School Board Member Joy Maloney's Resignation Following Her Arrest

Loudoun County, VA - Following the arrest of Loudoun County School Board Member Joy Maloney (Broad Run) today outside Briar Woods High School at a rally for Donald Trump, the Loudoun County Republican Committee calls for her resignation.

"This is not about Donald Trump or even politics," said Will Estrada, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. "Several other protestors peaceably demonstrated against Donald Trump. But not Joy Maloney. She acted in a way unbecoming of an elected member of a Loudoun County School Board. Today, the citizens of Loudoun County witnessed Ms. Maloney physically attempt to block Loudoun County citizens from exercising their Constitutional freedom to listen to a candidate running for President of the United States and decide for themselves what to think."

"There was once a dark time in our nation's history during the Civil Rights era when elected officials physically blocked the doors to public schools," Estrada continued. "Ms. Maloney's behavior today is embarrassing, immature, and - as witnessed by her arrest today - illegal. This is the United States of America. Elected officials must never try to stop citizens from listening to a candidate for elected office."

"Furthermore, Ms. Maloney's behavior today sets a poor example for the students of Loudoun County Public Schools. Not only did she physically block a public school door, but she trespassed, and then refused to respect our Loudoun County Sheriff's Deputies and follow their instructions."

The Loudoun County Republican Committee also calls on Ms. Maloney's fellow elected Democrats in Loudoun County, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chair Phyllis Randall, Leesburg Supervisor Kristen Umstattd, Supervisor Koran Saines, and Leesburg District School Board Member Tom Marshall to publicly renounce the objectively unacceptable behavior of Ms. Maloney and to urge her to resign from her position on the school board for the good of Loudoun County's Public Schools and the integrity of Broad Run's school district.

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