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Delgaudio Returns To Sterling, FRIENDS ASK "SAVE THE DATE: Aug 8-Celebrate the Honorable Eugene Delgaudio"

July 27, 2016

Dear Fellow Republican,

I have returned from Cleveland and the Republican National Convention. Thank you for making me your 10th Congressional District Representative.

My wife Sheila and I joined the 49 delegates and 48 other alternates and their respective spouses or guests from Sunday to Thursday last week. As I reported to you, I worked for a week (prior to the convention) on a conservative platform.

I worked with Platform committee members and even had an airplane to carry a banner "Protect Real Marriage".

The platform committee passed and the full convention supported more conservative positions on gun rights, the right to life, religious liberty, building a wall along the US-Mexican border and protecting
real marriage. Thank you to Cynthia Dunbar and Tommy Valentine who did the heavy lifting as our Virginia reprentatives.

My statements and interviews were carried in many local and national newspapers. My daily routine was to always make sure dozens of alternates and Virginia Republicans who were our guests were excorted to the floor of the convention to fill vacant chairs of the Virginia delegation.

At one point Ken Cuccinelli joked "the fire marshall had to close all entrances and exits due to Eugene's escorting guests to the Virgina delegation". At the conclusion of the weeklong event, I am happy to report that our party worked together and left united.


A group of my longtime friends requested I share this announcement with you:


Join Us in a Salute to Sterling's Incomparable Supervisor
The Honorable Eugene Delgaudio
For 16 Years of Dedicated Service

Monday Evening, August 8
Sterling Area: Location to be announced.

RSVP as soon as possible to help us plan:

Eugene has meant much to many of us over the past 16 years. He deserves recognition for his conservative efforts on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors. He's managed Loudoun's exploding growth by helping keep taxes low, improve transportation, balance educational costs/benefits and many other issues. Let's tell Eugene how much we appreciate his hard work and wish him success moving forward.

unquote, end of announcement from longtime friends.


I have reached over 50,000 convention goers at the Philadelphia National Democratic Convention asking for support of traditional marriage. I have posted online geo-specific banner ads on social media including Facebook, internet ads, email messages to supporters, overpass banners and even road-side signs put up by local volunteers

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