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July 14, 2016

JUST POSTED in liberal Washington Post AND elsewhere moments ago:

"Republicans responsible for setting the party's presidential nomination rules on Thursday overwhelmingly rejected attempts to formally unbind delegates to next week's convention, effectively ending any serious attempt to rob Donald Trump of the GOP presidential nomination.

A vote came quickly Thursday night as part of a day-long marathon session of the Republican National Convention's rules committee, which sets the rules of the meetings and how the party will pick its nominee in 2020.

The rejection of the "unbinding" proposal was so overwhelming that committee leaders opted not to record the tally. Trump supporters on the committee quickly exercised procedural tactics to effectively kill any attempt to revive the issue -- and to codify that delegates are indeed bound to vote for the results of state caucuses and primaries...

Paul Manafort, the chairman of the Trump campaign, quickly heralded the win, tweeting that an insurrection was "crushed."

from Politico

Donald Trump's allies on the national GOP convention Rules Committee crushed a proposal Thursday aimed at dumping Trump from the top of the Republican ticket - and they sealed its fate further by passing an amendment to ensure his nomination.

The proposal affirms that delegates are unambiguously bound to the results of primaries and caucuses - meaning they can't break with the will of voters and Dump Trump at the convention. It passed 87 to 12, and its passage was the first official sign that anti-Trump forces lack the votes to block Trump's path to the nomination.

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