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Delgaudio Elected To Represent 10th Congressional District Republican Party At Cleveland Convention

April 16, 2016

I won!

With 16 candidates to choose from, I was elected Alternate Delegate Number 2 to the 2016 Republican National Convention from Virginia's Tenth Congressional District.

Thank you for the tremendous support you gave me. Hundreds of delegates decided to vote for me today and joined many other delegates of the 887 delegates to vote for me.

Thank you to the candidates who won and thank you to all the candidates who ran and presented their positions.

10th District Results. Weighted vote.(Top 3 are delegates, next 3 alternates)
(A weighted vote total represents the Republican Party approved proportional delegate number
based on the city, or county unit).

564.0 Dick Black
456.3 Mick Staton
368.1 Beau Correll
360.5 Blaine Dunn
348.8 Eugene Delgaudio
343.2 Howie Lind



This is a photo of the actual posted totals on a giant computer screeen for the counting of the ballots.

The top 3 voting delegates for the 10th will be Cruz' slate of Dick Black, Mick Staton, Beau Correll. The alternates will be Blaine Dunn, a cruz supporter, and then Trump endorsed candidates, Eugene Delgaudio and Howie Lind.

Also elected were 3 state central committee members: Eve Gleason, Mark Sell and Puneet Ahluwalia.

On behalf of myself, my wife Sheila, my family and my tremendous campaign staff: Thank you for making this victory possible and I am excited to represent you at the Republican National Convention.

As usual the Washington Post, liberal blogging types and other sporadic ambushers are stunned with this win. My condolences.

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