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How Delgaudio got the "Guardian of the Taxpayer Award"

April 11, 2016

The Guardian of Senior's Rights Award

The Guardian of Senior's Rights Award

Dear Republican Delegate,

Many of you have told me that the economy and the rising national debt are your number one issue.

Allow me to respond to these priority concerns by many here. Thank you.

Years ago, at a time when some Republicans and yes, even some conservatives were welcoming President Barrack Obama and members of the local governments in Northern Virginia were voting to support "Shovel Ready" project, I rose, alone to oppose it.

It was the honeymoon period, the first week of January 2009, when President Obama was about to be sworn in and our board of supervisors in Loudoun County was voting to endorse $800,000,000 in new debte with "FEDERAL DOLLARS" -- they called it free money.

It is your money, it is not free money.

I spoke against it. I condemned it. I released statements and held the floor and was the only elected official on the board to condemn it.

It was my usual or standard condemnation of wasteful spending. It did not earn me any friends on the board of supervisors who all, over my lone vote "no", voted to endorse $800,000,000.00 in proposed federal debt "devoted" to Loudoun County residents as it was not "local money" but "federal dollars".


One local Leesburg resident, noted conservative radio commentator Mark Levin (this mention here is not meant as an endorsment of me for my current candidacy). Mark Levin took to the airwaves for several times that week in January 2009 and said he heard my speech or my remarks as reported.

Mark Levin observed that there were TRILLIONS in these "free" federal programs coming from the federal government and who in the Republican Party would stand against it. Who in the Republican party will take this on? Who is doing this right now. His plea is still resounding in my mind as his voice rose in the broadcast.

I will paraphrase here: (Levin continued)

"Eugene Delgaudio a supervisor from the tiny county of Loudoun county is speaking against these trillions in new debt. Where the Hxxx are the rest of you?"

Levin successfully mobilized the entire conservative movement to fight the trillions in debt and the Tea Party was born from his remarks.

He, Levin, nutures it nightly of course since then.

Rush Limbaugh the other major conservative radio host was out on vacation and had been rumored to be MEETING with Obama in published accounts. Limbaugh returned to annouce that "NO" he was not meeting with Obama.

Limbaugh went on to make his courageous address to CPAC and declare "I hope Obama Fails" and we all know how the fiscal conservative movement has never rested since.

We, none of us, are resting until we get results.

The year was 2009 and it was a reversal to just "accept debt" -- turning point for our country as we, today, still struggle to reduce government spending at every level.

We need leadership that fights these trillions of dollars in new debt heaped upon us.

I will be your leader against rising debt as your national Republican Delegate.

I have always been this way. Always pushing to reduce spending. From the very beginning and will always be for reduced government spending.

Jim Martin is the president of 60 Plus, a conservative group which is an alternative to the liberl "AARP". (Jim is on my left in the photo above, this mention is not meant as an endorsement of me for my current candidacy).

President Martin along with Mark Levin and many others took notice of my constant leadership to save tax dollars-- as a local elected official.

In 2006, President Martin presented me with the "Guardian of the Taxpayers Award" for my work to defend taxpayers and those hit hardest by irresponsible spending and high taxes.

His organization normally presents this award to Members of Congress but due to the scale and detail of my annual proposals to reduce spending and restrict increasing taxpayers as a local Loudoun County Supervisor, his organization came to Sterling, Va. and presented me with the award.

Every year I presented specific detailed motions to eliminate approximately $100,000,000.00 in unnecessary spending.

This is gigantic savings and included millions of dollars in special subsidies or bribes in the form of "incentives" to "for-profit" companies in order to attract them to Loudoun County or to keep them from moving.

I just could not stomach a whole new government program to bribe chrony capitalists!

I was successful in ending the multi-million boondoggle Drug Court which coddled and treated drug offenders in a different fashion than other accused criminals and was a complete failure.

I have done that every year of my 16 years that I was in public office.

My last year in office I was a strong critiic of Metro to Loudoun which was a gigantic budget item that only a few people would use. Together with the Metro operating costs, construction, debt service and many new add ons like "repairs to the old system" it could cost taxpayers (just in Loudoun) a billion dollars.

$601,545,124 In Proposed Delgaudio Reductions.

In 2015, last year, I presented the Loudoun County Board of supervisors with seven motions including 54 budget amendments totaling $601,545,124 in savings to the taxpayer and rejected all of them except one.

"One of my proposed motions actually passed. I supported taking out of the Capital Improvement Plan $46,225,000 for the C.S. Monroe School Conversion which I considered not necessary and was not a top priority of the school board. This was introduced by another supervisor and passed in a close vote 5 yes- 4 no, " said Delgaudio.

"The board of supervisors rejected 55 other Delgaudio budget amendments totaling $555,320,124. Supervisor Ralph Buona motioned to call the question and motioned to close debate.

Continued report at this link if you wish to get more details.

List of Cuts (55 Motions) Posted here (Note: This is partial list of wasteful Loudoun spending projects)

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