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April 10, 2016

Thank you to those of you who turned out and voted last night in a straw poll.

Republicans voting in a Loudoun County Republican straw poll tonight handed me a big win in his race for National Convention Delegate.

Loudoun is the largest contingent to the Ten District Convention next week and shows that I am in a tight but winning campaign.

Balloting took place at the Loudoun County Jamboree held in Purcellville at the Historic Bush Tabernacle
which is a roller rink converted to banquet hall.

Young roller skaters left the rink prior to the Republican party straw poll which included a live band and barbecue.

I was number three in the top three and if I continue in the "top three" I will be your Delegate to the Republican National Convention.

Another Delegate Howie Lind that I am running with also did very well in the poll.


Immediately following the news of this win and strong showing, the Democratic Party of Virginia "elite leadership" launched a full scale assault on us (me and Lind) and the other Republicans at this Republican event.

This disgusting attack by the opposition party attempts to dictate to you on your decision to work with the most effective conservative leadership available to win the national election AGAINST them!

The Democratic Party extremists who have destroyed this county and made the world a disaster now shout "NO NOT DELGAUDIO AGAIN."

The liberals want only SILENCE from conservatives.

This election is critical to the nation.

And it shows how your support of me spells D E F E A T for the Democratic elite who want to keep secret their anti-family anti-Godly values.

They squeal and howl when Republicans stand together behind me.

Liberals attack traditonal marriage and they hate my defense of it and believe you will meekly
go along.

Thank you again for standing strong with me. I will not run from the vicious attacks on me
and our candidates by the gang associated with the Democratic Party of Virginia which wishes for all Republicans to be silent and not to stand for their beliefs.

Liberals want one liberal party rule. Let's show them our unity.

I will not be silent for your values and on behalf of you ever.

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