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Delgaudio Trusts in God

April 7, 2016

Delgaudio Trusts in God

My Fellow American,

You are very busy, but you have a very big decision to make April 16 as a
10th District Delegate at Stonebridge HS in Ashburn, Va.

I am meeting with hundreds of fellow Americans and know even the most experienced
Republican delegates need to know this: you get to vote for up to six candidates
for National Convention Delegate.

This means you vote for one candidate for National Delegate.

Or you vote for two candidates for National Delegate.

Or you vote for three, four, five or up to six candidates for National Delegate!

Every vote you cast is a challenge. Let me help out.

I am a former Supervisor. I served 16 years and lost last years campaign for a
fifth term by 200 votes. I have also served as volunteer for the Republican Party
in local, county, state and national positions since I was very young.

But we have a common set of moral beliefs and I want to present you my non-political
side on fighting anti-God forces for you consideration of me as a Delegate.

My God Is Alive
Eugene Delgaudio Vs. Angel of Satan?

Today I am writing you about defending God and Godly values with a focus on the
amicus briefs defending Christians, Christian values and religious liberty for
all Americans no matter their faith.

I have always been devoted to God but became much more grateful to God
the minute marriage and children with my bride Sheila was blessed in a courtship
and wedding.

I faced a devastating challenge from the "Angel of Satan", Madalyn Murray O'Hair
who sued me for $3 million in federal court for opposing her plans to install atheist military
chaplains in the U.S. military.

O'Hair had a long string of legal victories for decades. Getting prayer kicked out schools and on and on. I was her latest victim of intimidation.

Faced with financial ruin and shame for the suffering it would bring my family,
I was forced to my knees in prayer.

Through prayer and insight, it became clear to me that God was in charge not me as a human being. And no matter the outcome, it was my duty to accept whatever challenge to never dispair and forget that God was in charge.

Even defeat in this world was nothing in comparison to God's great message.

I came face to face with the reality of my life ever since: trust in God for he will
bring the final victory for His people.

The federal case was decided in my favor with Federal District Judge Richard Bryan "dismissing with prejudice" the year long federal libel suit. Afterall what harm is there with the terms "Angel" and "Satan" to someone, an atheist, who proclaims loudly that Angels and Satan do not exist?

I became the only American to figure out how to defeat O'Hair and I was the last person, as she disappeared and was found murdered a while later by a criminal she hired as an employee. (this is the short version of that historic struggle).

With the help of my humility before God, my wife and great lawyers who understand my tactics and trust in God, I have sought to assist many victims who are faced with similar challenges from anti-God forces ever since.

This effort has been through political efforts, grass roots efforts and legal briefs filed on their behalf.

I discovered that legal principles based on the Judeo Christian values were often ignored.

Allow me to present to you a few of these many cases I have initiated with 16 in the U.S. Supreme Court.


Amicus Brief in Support of Petition for Certiorari Filed by Boy Scouts

Defending Traditional Marriage in the USA.

Defending the posting of inspirational Bible passages
at a work desk on a Military Base in the USA

Defending Little Sisters of the Poor

Defending a Christian Pharmacy from stocking drugs
to induce abortion

Eugene Delgaudio Defends Boy Scouts of America For Many Years

For years, until recently, I organized news conferences defending the Boy Scouts' decisions to keep intact the relgious values of church affiated scout groups.

In July of 2005 The U.S. Senate voted 98-0 to ensure that the Boy Scouts of America will
continue to be able to use federal facilities. I worked to support the Scouts in Court
and in Congress. I worked to pass legislation in the House and it was signed into law.

My earliest legal brief defending the Boy Scouts (there are many):

Amicus Brief in Support of Petition for Certiorari Filed by Boy Scouts Boy Scouts of America and Monmouth Council, Boy Scouts of America v. James Dale
U.S. Supreme Court
November 26, 1999; Certiorari granted January 14, 2000

And an Amicus Brief on the Merits in Support of Boy Scouts, in the same case.

Defending Traditional Marriage in the USA.
Lawrence Vs. Texas, 2003

In February of 2003 my lawyers filled an amicus brief with the United States Supreme Court in the case of Lawrence and Garner vs. Texas, in which two homosexual men were seeking to overturn Texas' Homosexual Conduct Law, after they were arrested for violating the act in 1998.

This case was the foundation for defending traditional marriage and our legal brief warned that marriage between one man and one woman would be threathened forever from an adverse ruling. The Supreme Court majority ignored our brief and rule against traditional marriage principles.

Current Legal Briefs

I instructed my lawyers to file a federal brief defending the named defendent Lance Corporal Monifa J. Sterling an E-3 in the United States Marine Corps, (name Sterling) in "United States v. Sterling"
which is case No. 15-0510/MC in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
Appeal from a Decision of U.S. Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals.

Sterling is accused of posting inspirational Bible passages at her work desk for her to see.

"The Sterling case presents the highest military appeals court with the opportunity to
determine the scope of religious liberties enjoyed by enlisted personnel and our attornies
with this brief will defend the religious liberties of Sterling as it will impact every
practicing Christian in the U.S. military. Based the issues raised in our brief,
I am hoping to God and am optimistic Sterling and all Christians can be protected,"
says Eugene Delgaudio.

A copy of the case if filed here:

Current U.S. Supreme Court Cases:

Last month I asked my lawyers to file an Amicus Brief defends Washington State Christian Pharmacy against anti-Christian Government sanctions for simply refusing to stock certain drugs that induce abortion.

This case is titled Stormans v. Wiesman before the U.S. Supreme Court

I asked my lawyers to File Legal Brief defending Little Sisters of the Poor

The issue of the Obamacare contraceptive/abortifacient mandate is again before the Supreme Court on the merits. This case has similarities with the 2014 Supreme Court case in which Public Advocate authorized wrote and filed -- through counsel-- a merits brief -- Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Woods.

The earlier case involved commercial businesses. This case involves religious organizations.

I asked my legal counsel to defend the Little Sisters of the Poor from being forced by federal law to indirectly support abortion.

The brief is available here online

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