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Sterling and Region Still Recovering From Snowzilla. Stay Home If You Can

January 25, 2016

Monday Night Day 4 of Snow Storm 2016

Dear Sterling American,

I am back from a district and area wide survey and the situation has improved
but while it is better and all roads are passable it is extremely unsafe
and I recommend you stay at home if you can.

Most 2 lane roads are one lane. So a 2 way street is impossible to travel unless
you use extreme courtesy and caution. Major roads have big piles of snow at every
corner and have reduced lanes across the board and decreased visibility.


The roads even -if they are plowed- are a genuine mess on Day 4 of this snowstorm. Removal
of the snow started in ernest on Day 3 when the snow stopped.

School and Loudoun County government are closed Tuesday.

Most parking lots are still not plowed with limited parking around Sterling and the region.
Private and public plows are working through the night all over the area.

The county website states:

Quote: "Loudoun County has declared a state of emergency. Please call 911 only in the event of a true emergency. If possible, please stay off the roads until they are clear and safe to travel". Unquote

Go to this page for county wide Winter advice:

The county will have a general briefing 11 AM from VDOT, and county officials broadcast at 11 a.m.
Tuesday Jan. 26 on Comcast Gov. Chan. 23 Verizon FiOS Channel 40 or


Private and public digging crews need another day to make it better. And even with the
warm weather it will take until at least Wedesday to get the area back to normal.

I recommend not going out unless you have to Tuesday. If you do go out Tuesday AM, give
yourself an extra hour to get to your location.

VDOT is still working to get to the remainder of neighborhood roads that do not
have passable lanes.

Be on the lookout for merging traffic (where there is no merge lane), pedestrians
in the roadway,and lanes that disappear into snowbanks. The commute will be especially
difficult due to the reduced roadway capacity depending on how many people work from
home vs. attempt to try to drive into work.

There will be no private trash pick up by many trash collections Tuesday Jan. 26 but
the county landfill is open if its an urgent disposal!

REPEAT: Loudoun County has declared a state of emergency. Please call 911 only in the event of a true emergency.
If possible, please stay off the roads until they are clear and safe to travel.



I know many of you recieving this Sterling American have dug out. Most of Sterling is dug out.
And many of you helped a neighbor. Thank you for that. Please continue to check on your
elderly neighbors.

The Sterling Teen Shovelers dug out a lot of homes and I made my own rounds to several houses
as usual.

For the remaining citizens and guests still digging out, please do not put the snow in the
road. We all thank you.

Delgaudio and Sheriff Offers Safety Tips as Forecasted Winter Storm Approaches

I have posted some advice from the Sheriff regarding driving in the snow.

Blizzard Preparedness: Things to do Before, During and After the Impending Winter Storm

Check on your neighbors: Severe winter weather poses a particular danger for elderly and homebound individuals. Make sure they have proper supplies. Keep in touch with neighbors before, during and after the storm. You might even offer to shovel their sidewalks!



This is an interactive website that tells you where snowplows are deployed
over the entire storm period (24 hours to 7 days if necessary)

For snow removal on the street, please give VDOT time to remove
If you have access to the internet this is the form to fill out

If your request is related to a road hazard that needs immediate attention,
please call 1-800-367-7623 (VDOT)

If you have not seen any action, call me at home 703-421-4599 and I will call


In addition the emergency pages cited above, there is a general Loudoun County
website for all other winter weather preparations here:

tip: charge your cell phones now

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